Vegan ice cream Berlin

Berlin is by far the city with the most vegan offerings and possibilities.
Vegan restaurants, cafes, you can find even a vegan beer garden and vegan takeaway.

Worldwide it’s already known as THE vegetarian and most nutritionally aware city in the world, reported the magazine THE LOCAL recently.

In particular in Berlin’s districts (also called “Kiez” in Berlin dialect) Kiez Neukölln, Kreuzberg, Prenzlauer Berg and Friedrichshain cavort many vegan offerings.

If it’s not already a vegan shop, then you can find at least a few vegan meals on the menu.
I’ve been for one month in Berlin and could test several restaurants.

Here my favourites:

  1. Let it Be (Neukölln): Very delicious Crêpes and Burger. Especially the Crêpes – unique in taste and great big portions for its price.  Website Let It Be
    Best vegan crepes – Let It Be
  1. Sahara Sudanese Imbiss: There are a few Sudanese diners, especially in Neukölln and Kreuzberg. I have been to the one around the corner where I lived in Neukölln, close to the Tempelhof. They have 2 vegan menus as an option. I chose the vegan plate with Falafel, Magali and sweet potatoes.  Website Sahara Sudanesischer Imbiss
  1. Gourmet Vegan “La Mano Verde” (note: currently closed at the time of publishing): The restaurant is by far probably the most expensive one. But therefore worth it, if you search for something special. As a vegan gourmet restaurant it has typically very small portions, a selected small menu, but is very unique, extraordinary and delicious. The owner, an Italian, is still cooking most of the time themself in the restaurant and also offers cooking classes in-house. Website La Mano Verde

    La Mano Verde, BerlinLa Mano Verde, Berlin

  1. Goura Pakoura (vegan Indian Vedic, currently closed at the time of publishing): A small Indian restaurant with vegan Indian Vedic cuisine and decoration. The restaurant is located in Friedrichshain. Website Goura Pakoura
  2. Sun Day Burgers: Here you can get not just vegan burgers on Sunday. Quite the contrary, on all days except Sundays in the market hall No. 9 you can enjoy a burger, soups, smoothies, juices, raw food fresh, or buy foods for home as super foods. Eisenbahnstraße 42; 10997 Berlin – U1 Görlitzer Park. Website Sun Day Burgers
  3. Die Rebellion des Zimtsterns: Vegan, vegetarian breakfast, snacks and lunch offerings. The salads are ok, but not very extraordinary and quite small portions for the price. But the coffee, vegan drinks and sweets shall be really good. Website Rebellion des Zimtsterns
  1. Rebillion des Zimtsterns

    Lucky Leek (Vegan & Veggie Bar): The vegan restaurant has a special style due to cook Josita Hartanto who has already one Michelin star. One of the few rewarded vegan restaurants. Reservation recommended. Website Lucky Leek

  1. Die Chaostheorie (cafe with WiFi): Nice bar, completely vegan with indoor and outdoor area, when the weather is nice in Berlin. Very delicious smoothies, vegan Lassies, cocktails, breakfast, sandwiches and desserts. The style rocks in stylish understatement design. Nice ambience. Website Chaostherorie Berlin 
    Cafe Berlin, Die Chaostherorie

    Cafe Berlin, Die Chaostherorie

  1. Soy Berlin, vegan Vietnamese: Shall be really good, but quite expensive for Berlin style. I couldn’t make it to the restaurant so far. Website Soy Berlin
  2. Kiez Vegan: 100% vegan Turkish café and diner. Operated by two Turkish guys. Next to Gözleme and Börek you can have a nice and fresh Turkish salad plate or other snacks. Vegan breakfast and lunch offers. Prices are moderate.

Ice cream and sweets:

  1. Die Leckereienfabrik: For vegan ice cream and other delicious sweets. Website Leckereienfabrik
  2. Ice cream shop Mos Eisley: Vegan und normal ice cream. Delicious styles – next to sorbets and fruit ice cream you can have some milk ice cream with soy milk. Sometimes they even have some styles with alcohol like Mojito ice cream. Website Mos Eisley
    Mos Eisley - Vegan in Berlin

    Mos Eisley – Vegan in Berlin

  1. Kontor Eismanifaktur (Prenslauerberg): Lots of different and extraordinary sorts od ice cream. One of the best vegan ice cream shop in Berlin. Facebook Kontor Eismanifaktur
    Vegan ice cream Berlin

    Vegan ice cream Berlin

  2. Tigertörtchen: Cupcake-Shop with vegan options. Additionally they offer baking classes. Website Tigertörtchen
  3. Cupcake Berlin: First cupcake store in Berlin, with many vegan options – even for pre-order.  Website Cup Cake Berlin


  1. Kopps: Kopps is famous for its weekend brunch. For 12,50 EUR you will get a nice and rich buffet with different breakfast offers as well as lunch meals. Cold and warm foods and meals are served until afternoon. Saturday/Sunday 10-16h. Website Kopps Berlin.
  2. Viasko:  Vasko looks from the outside like a very old and quaintly pub. But it’s completely vegan. Even all drinks. Recommended is the Brunch on Saturdays and Sundays. A big variety of spicy and sweet dishes from breakfast over salads and warm meals. But also the regular menu offers many starters, great main courses and delicious desserts.. Brunch: 12 EUR every Sat./Sun.  Usually it’s quite full in the evening. Reservation recommended. Website Visasko
    Vasko Berlin

    Vasko Berlin

  1. Veganz Brunch: Vegan brunch hosted by the vegan supermarket chain Veganz. Sat. & Sun. 10-15h, 16,90 EUR incl. 1 hot drinkWebsite Brunch im Veganz
  2. Playing with eels: Vegan & organic brunch in Kreuzberg, Cafe and book store. Just Saturdays. Unique atmosphere. Website Playing With Eels
  3. Vegan brunch at Vux: Wipperstraße 14, 12055 Berlin, Neuköll. Price flat-rate: 9,50 EUR from 12-15h. Be there by time, otherwise its hard to get a seat. Very popular. Website Vux
  4. Péle Méle: vegan organic brunch, every Sunday from 10-15h. Flat-rate for 13,50 EUR without drinks. Huge range of dips, spreads, breads, salads and a few warm meals. Or course, they provide also nice and gorgeous deserts. You can sit inside and outside.  Webseite Péle Méle
    Brunch at Pele Mele

    Brunch at Pele Mele


Vegan cooking class

Vegan cooking class



  1. Author

    Oh, thank you all.
    Yes, in Berlin there is so much to explore of vegan cuisine.
    I stayed 1 month in Berlin and was not able to test everything. 😀

  2. Giselle Correia 8 years ago

    We managed to eat at a few of these places but we were only there for a week.
    You definitely need more time to really eat at every place. 🙂

    • Angel 8 years ago

      I would love to travel to Berlin someday, everything looks so nice and yummy!

  3. Cody Kuchirka 8 years ago

    So many amazing places to eat in Berlin.
    Had the chance to eat at a few of these delicious places. YoYo was one of my fave places while in Berlin.

  4. Jaclyn 8 years ago

    This post is blowing my mind! After spending nearly five days in Berlin that were basically made up of non-stop eating and restaurant hopping, I find myself having not even heard of more than half of the places you mention as your favorites! I’m not at all sad to say that I’ll just have to go back to try these out some other time 🙂 Thank you for sharing, Supi!

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