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Hi everyone. I am one of the founders of VeganTravel and I hope you will enjoy using this site and being part of our growing global vegan community.


My daughter and I came up with the concept for VeganTravel eight years ago during a 3-month trip she and I took after her high school graduation. We are both passionate vegans and our goal was to provide a robust travel resource that truly reflected our collective vegan perspectives, promoted compassion, and helped show the world just how easy it is to travel as a vegan anywhere in the world.


My international travels started in my teens, and after graduating from university I bicycled around Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa for 18 months. I came from a family with modest means, so before I left I saved up by working part time, and while traveling I had to find part time jobs, and volunteer for a couple of months. During this trip I met amazing people from so many countries, and some like the ones I will soon be visiting in Stockholm have become lifelong friends.


Since then, I have lived and worked abroad for 6 years during my late 20’s & early 30’s, and I have traveled internationally almost every year. There are so many aspects of travelling as a vegan I deeply enjoy, but none more than all the warm and compassionate people we meet in every country we visit.


Our team at VeganTravel including all our sponsored travelers cares deeply about this planet and all of the sentient life on it. With your help and the contributions of everyone in our vegan community, we hope to open many more hearts and minds to becoming vegan, and caring more our planet and all the amazing people and animals we share it with.

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