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Everything We Need To Know We Learned From Travel

Travel has opened our eyes and hearts to so much. We have learned a lot about the world around us just by allowing ourselves to travel while being mindful. So we wanted to share some of the valuable lessons we […]

Making Vegan Friends Online

“Where are you from” “I’m from West Virginia, and Shae is from Oregon” “Opposite coasts, how did you cross paths?” “Well, we actually met online…” That’s usually how most conversations start when Shae and I meet new people on our […]

Vegan Camping List and Tips

I recently made a youtube video discussing what to bring to eat on a vegan camping trip! You can check it out at the end of this post. To be even more helpful, I compiled a list of my vegan friendly camping […]

Why Solo Travel is My Favorite Way to See the World

I definitely remember there was a time when the thought of doing anything alone seemed so isolating, and almost shameful. “Why don’t they just order carry out?” I’d ask my mom about the people dining alone in restaurants, as if […]

A Vegan Abroad…

“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams” Ive heard so many people, time and again, say to me that I’m on holiday all the time, or they wish they had my job, that […]

Vegan Food on Airplanes

Flying used to be an event in and of itself: you got dressed up, service was impeccable, it was pretty much a dinner party in the sky.  But those times are long gone… fast forward to today where you’re lucky […]

What I’m Packing For 6 Months Of Travel!

I knew packing just 1 carry-on bag for my entire 6 month trip was going to be a challenge. People do it all the time, but I definitely over-estimated in my head how much room I would actually have. I […]

Vegan inflight meals

vegan inflight meals The first time a took a flight I was 16, I had no idea of what I had to do or where I had to go. Imagine my surprise when I saw a flight attendant offering me […]

Because I Care

Hey, Vegan Travellers! Whether you have been following along for the entirety of the journey or you are just tuning in now, you have almost certainly noticed that I am a vegan. You have probably noticed that one of my […]

Why and How You Should Start Hitchhiking

I set a variety of intentions before taking off to travel, very few came true. Hitchhiking is one of them though. Upon leaving Europe, I had hitchhiked no more than 1000 kilometers. However, having hitchhiked most of my travels in […]

How to say YES to travel

A lot of people say that they can’t afford travel. They have debts to pay. They can’t leave. It’s ok for people who have plenty of money. Or insert any other reason/excuse here. We all make excuses to not do […]

Vegan Feasting at Train Stations

Train stations, airports, highways. Those in between places. The hours you spend waiting in travel purgatory. You really need something to look forward to. And that something is food. Waiting increases appetite (I’m sure that is a scientific fact). Early morning […]

Vegan Cruise: Should You or Shouldn’t You?

In 2015, I embarked on my first solo-travel-for-pleasure adventure via the Holistic Holiday at Sea vegan cruise—you know, the one that’s always advertised in VegNews Magazine! I had seen the ads year after year and when I got my first […]

Burger Blog

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a hungry vegan in possession of an empty stomach must be in want of a veggie burger. Not the most difficult thing to find on a menu, but often the most satisfying, a […]

Wise Phones – E’s Travel Tips

Out of all of the things that have been infinitely useful to Ross and I on our trip, I would say that my old iPhone 4 which I bought off a friend a few years ago has been the most […]

Why join a frequent flyer program?

I am a bit of a travel junkie, and if you pay any attention to the travel industry community and news, you’ll know it’s not uncommon to hear about the latest “devaluation” of program x or y; usually the program […]

5 Ways You Can Make Your Road Trip More Vegan-Friendly

Taking a road trip is often hard enough as it is, let alone trying to find vegan options that you can eat along the way. Between planning where you are going to stay and where you want to go (like […]

What’s in my Backpack?

Hey vegan travellers! A little bit ago, I filmed a vlog about packing. In that vlog, I discussed the things that I am so glad we brought with us and the things that we probably could have left at home. […]

Traveling Vegan on a Budget

You’ve chosen to become a vegan for several reasons, but it might not be because it’s the most inexpensive option. In fact, finding healthy, environmentally conscious foods can sometimes end up costing you more than it would be to eat […]

6 months with VeganTravel

In 225 days, and with the incredible support of the team at VeganTravel, we have visited 18 countries all over this incredible planet. Cody and I began in Rome, Italy eating our way through the world’s best gelato, and pizza, […]

Ellie’s Roundup: The World!

Hey, Vegan Travellers! Brace yerselves! This is the last time I’m going to say this: It’s time once again for a vegan food round-up! But Ellie, you’ve covered basically every single place that you went in great detail… What is […]

The End of The RTW Trip!

Hey, Vegan Travellers! It’s the end of the world! Trip! That I went on! And I am very funny! Ross and I have returned to Scotland! We were welcomed back into this beautiful country in the best way possible- with […]

How to Survive a Long Haul Flight

(^ My ‘joy’ face having arrived at my destination, after my first super long haul flight)   Last weekend I embarked on my first long haul flight. We’re talkin’ a 16 hour non-stop flight from Dubai to Auckland. Upon planning […]

The Vegan Traveller

Just recently my family and I became vegetarian, which quickly led to veganism. Before I explain how I travel as a vegan, I thought it might be better to explain why I made this life change. It’s a question I get […]

Unexpected Myanmar: What and where to eat as an herbivore

Since I decided to turn vegetarian, my travels have become more challenging yet exciting, and my Burma adventure is not an exception. I had no clue what Myanmar food looks like and tastes like before going, yet been event told […]

Veganuary – Why You Should Give Veganism a Go

“But why did you go vegan?” is a question I probably get asked more than I care to remember. The slaughtering of animals and catastrophic effect the meat industry has on the environment is sometimes a bit much for meat […]

World Vegan Day!

I cannot think of a more appropriate day for a Vegan Traveler to post an update other than World Vegan Day! On any given day of the year, I am excited to talk about veganism. I am always very excited […]

How to Eat Healthy Vegan Meals on Airplanes

After becoming so disillusioned about the lack of vegan meal variety on airplanes, I decided I was no longer willing to sacrifice my health for convenience. Just because it’s not the norm to bring your own food on flights, it […]

Tips for Vegan Explorers!

Today I wanted to share with you mine and Francis’s top tips for travelling as a vegan. It is really important not to be put off from exploring our beautiful planet Earth just because you think finding vegan food will be a […]

Eating vegan overseas

You’ve just mastered eating vegan at home and now you have to try and find vegan food in a foreign country? Sounds impossible right? Wrong. It may take a few tweaks, but I promise you it IS possible to find […]

Vegan Travel: Step Off the Beaten Path

There’s a difference between traveling and traveling. We travel to see relatives, to attend weddings, to sludge through work conferences. But we travel to explore, experience, and expand our world. To leave the comfort of our routines, trek off the […]

Forced to Disconnect

Face down in phones, it doesn’t matter where in the world we are- bumping into someone on the street because they are seeing what the Kardashians are up to on Snapchat gets pretty old after the 5th or so trample. […]

Party like a Vegan–Vegan Festivals

We love vegan parties (even though we’re usually working at them)! I would be remiss if I didn’t start this piece off with a disclaimer: We own a vegan sandwich company, and we have been vendors at most of the […]

How to travel cruelty free

  When you are a so called “vegan for the animals” you are not only concerned about food, but also about your shopping, and if it’s difficult enough to pay attention to everything in your own environment, you can only […]

4 Tips to Conquer Flight Anxiety

I wouldn’t say that I’ve got this completely managed. There are still airborne moments that make me uneasy but overall I’ve come a long way with my late onset flight anxiety. As a kid and teen I was a pro! […]

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