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Vegan Traveler Blogs
Members of our global vegan community share their travel adventures.  Learn vegan travel tips about local vegan dining, activities, shopping, places to stay, and more.

Follow along as vegan travelers from around the world blog about the vegan restaurants and shops they discover, the local vegans they meet on their journey, the events they attend, the travel tips they learn, and the animals they meet along the way. We vegans care deeply about this beautiful world we live in, all people regardless of their country of origin, and how we all share this planet with our fellow sentient beings. Through their blogs, they illustrate just how easy it is to travel as a vegan, the joys of living a compassionate lifestyle, and help showcase the value of being a part of our growing global vegan community.

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Our global vegan community has contributed so many wonderful travel videos & blogs. Below are some additions ways to explore more of their adventures.

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Start Blogging About Your Own Vegan Travels

Share your vegan adventures on our site, share vegan travel tips and help others with stories of places you’ve visited. We’d love to hear about your experiences while traveling as a vegan. Write us a comment below and we’ll send you a private message.

  1. Profile photo of Vishal Jhaveri
    Vishal Jhaveri 1 month ago

    Hello: I would like to learn more about how to share experiences on VeganTravel. Would I be able to connect w/ someone to better understand the process? Thanks!

  2. Profile photo of Ashley Bendiksen
    Ashley Bendiksen 10 months ago

    Hi there! I’d love to blog for this site. I’ve been a vegan for 9 years and I have a passion for seeing new places. I have a great local following in Massachusetts as a vegan health expert – as a blogger, founder of a vegan food line with a meal delivery company, a nutrition coach, and a requested speaker. I’m also a writer and communicator by trade. I’m self employed and have the flexibility and interest to contribute. If you send me a message, I’ll be happy to discuss further and provide anything you need…. Cheers! xo Ashley

    • Profile photo of Jaclyn
      Jaclyn 10 months ago

      Hey Ashley! We’d love to have your contributions on the site, it sounds like you’ve got a great perspective that our community will really enjoy. I’ll send you a message shortly with more details.

      Thank you,

  3. Profile photo of Debon Dwyer
    Debon Dwyer 1 year ago

    Hi all vegans travelling in Victoria Australia. If you are travelling the Goldfields of Victoria and find yourself in Bendigo, I recommend a meal at the Wholefoods Kitchen 314 Lyttleton Street, Bendigo, right next door to the Wholefoods Store. The Kitchen does a menu of healthy food and at least 3 Vegan meals plus desserts. If you want to do some grocery shopping then Bendigo Wholefoods has good vegan options plus most things are organic. Cheers from OZ

  4. Profile photo of Jordan Salcido
    Jordan Salcido 2 years ago

    I love anotherhungryvegan’s blog and can’t wait to see the others!!! It’s great seeing their tips and favorite spots!

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