About VeganTravel

About VeganTravel

VeganTravel is a community-run site where vegans can come together from around the world to share their passion for travel and adventure, help promote and grow interest in going vegan, shed light on the issues animals are facing around the globe, and to help build a more sustainable and compassionate world.

Our goal is to provide a fun and easy-to-use travel resource for vegans and people interested in becoming vegan. Our users will be able to follow the adventures of vegan travelers, blog/vlog about their own travel adventures, meet and establish connections with vegans globally, track activities of friends, setup and/or join vegan groups locally and abroad, schedule and/or attend global vegan events, read reviews and share your opinions on vegan-friendly travel options, and find people from around the world who share the same ethical and compassionate goals.

VeganTravel relies on the global vegan community to add vegan and vegan-friendly listings, review and rate favorites, participate in groups and forums, and share your perspective and travel tips. We encourage you to share their own vegan travel adventures on our site so that others can follow you and learn from your experiences.

This is also a site where your preferences and the preferences of others determine which listings float to the top of each page. Most listings on our site are sorted based on your comments and reviews, with the listings with the most positive reviews on top (for convenience, some map pages are sorted by proximity). We accept no advertising. Our goal is to provide a platform that truly respects and mirrors the collective vegan opinions and perspectives.

VeganTravel was created with the collaborative efforts of eleven compassionate individuals consisting of 8 Vegans, 1 Vegetarian, and 2 Omnivores – about half located in Europe, and the other half in North America. We also have lots of compassionate community members to thank for their heartfelt support, suggestions and contributions.

We started planning and budgeting on VeganTravel.com back in 2009, but it wasn’t officially launched until October 15th, 2015. Since our founding, our global community has been growing steadily with people of good will joining our community daily from almost every nation and cultural background. All sharing our mutual desire to help build a better reality for people everywhere, and for all the other living and feeling beings we are so lucky to be sharing our planet with.

Thank you for supporting our efforts, and for the daily choices you make as a vegan to help make our world a more sustainable and compassionate place.

We hope you will have lots of fun on our site, and on your many travel adventures to come!

Bon Voyage!

Why go Vegan?

  • Health: Some people go vegan for the many health benefits that medical research has clearly documented.
  • Environment: Some go vegan for the environmental benefits which have been documented by United Nations reports and leading scientist around the world.
  • Ethics: Most of us go vegan because we care about our fellow inhabitants of this beautiful planet, and we struggle with the ethics in exploiting animals for food, clothing, or some cloaked form of indefensible entertainment.

For additional details on why you should go vegan, please check out our Why Go Vegan pages.

While we at VeganTravel are delighted that more and more people around the world are going vegan everyday for one or more of these reasons, we care deeply about how we share this planet with our fellow sentient beings. Our objective is to share the concerns and triumphs of animal advocates around the world, while demonstrating how easy and fun it can be to be vegan.

Animal Sanctuaries Videos & Blogs

To help shed the light on the amazing work so many animal sanctuaries are doing around the globe to help animals in need, we encourage members of our global vegan community to share their videos and blogs of the animal sanctuaries and animal care facilities they visit during their travels. We care deeply about how we share this planet with our fellow sentient beings. One of our core objectives at VeganTravel is to help grow awareness of the concerns and triumphs of animal advocates around the world.

Click here to view all of the animal sanctuary videos & blogs that have been shared with us to date.

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