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Why Go Vegan?

Before detailing the key reasons we think you should consider a vegan lifestyle, let’s define what we mean when we use the term “vegan.” Veganism expands well beyond a diet abstinent of animal products and byproducts. Simply put, veganism is a lifestyle that seeks to promote or participate in the least harm possible.

Animals and their bodies are exploited for a shocking number of unnecessary reasons in addition to food production, and humans can live healthy and productive lives without choosing to participate in that exploitation. We can also be more compassionate toward humankind, toward our planet, and toward our own bodies by refusing to support these cruel industries. Veganism is realizing that participating in this varied cruelty to animals, people, and planet is a choice, and when faced with a choice between causing harm and living with compassion, what good reasons are there for choosing anything but compassion?

Veganism isn’t about perfection, and it shouldn’t be daunting. It isn’t looking at a laundry list of all of the things you “can’t” do, eat, or use anymore, but rather, it’s matching your actions with your morals. Veganism is recognizing that all animals, not just your pets at home, are individuals with rich lives, complex social hierarchies, and the ability to experience love, fear, joy, pain, grief, and everything in between. It’s recognizing that justice for all people is a necessity, that we only get one planet and one body to enjoy this life in, and we have to treat them with nothing but respect. It’s recognizing these things, and then refusing to participate in it any longer. So, why Go Vegan? A better question might be, “Why not?”

Why Vegan - For the Animals

For the Animals

Why Vegan - For the Environment

For the Environment

Why Vegan - For Your Health

For Your Health

Why Go Vegan - For Humanity

For Humanity

Here are some more reasons to consider going Vegan 💚🧡💛

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