Vegan Festival Korea

Although this post is overdue, I still want to share it since it was one of the best days of my 2016.

Last year in mid-September, I travelled to Seoul, South Korea. As I was eating delicious vegan goodies at The Bread Blue (100% vegan bakery), I noticed a flyer with “Vegan Festival” printed on it. The timing was perfect! I was so stoked since this would be my very first vegan festival experience.
 I’ve only listed some of the food below, please check out the video to see more stuffs from the festival.
To be honest, I didn’t expect much due to the lack of vegan options in the city. Surprisingly, the festival was big and crowded! There were probably around 50 vendors – from international cuisines, desserts, clothing, caricature, to even dildos (lol).
#tip: I wanted to try as many food as possible, so I brought some ziplock bags with me for left-overs. 
The first vendor I passed was selling quesadilla. The guy making these was so friendly and entertaining. It was filled with minced meat substitute and cheese! Each bite into it was very satisfying.
Luckily, I also got a coupon for Huggers (plant-based burgers). I’ve eaten there once before and had the best vegan burger I’ve tasted so far.
Next I headed to Loving Hut (international vegan restaurant chain).
 I was utterly disappointed by the “fried chicken”….it tasted like purely fried batter.
The perilla oil pasta on the other hand was pretty good (slurrrp).
Then I saw a long queue for “tandoori chicken”, of course I had to get it.
As an ex-meat-lover, the texture of this “chicken” was legit. Thus if you tried a shitty vegan meat, do not make a generalization that all vegan meat suck.
I was excited to see PLANT there as well. It was the first vegan restaurant I visited in Seoul.
I ordered both BBQ Jackfruit Taco & Tempeh Pinto Bean Taco. They were delicious! Especially the BBQ Jackfruit one! Simply orgasmic.
The most popular vendor with never-ending long line was Dal Yang selling soft-serve!
I got the vanilla flavor and it was heavenly.
After so much eating, I took a break and got my portraits done by 2 artists.
I pigged out some more afterward.
The lamb gyro kebab caught my attention. It was very chunky and meaty. It actually had an aftertaste similar to lamb meat! WTF!?
Lastly, my fat-ass returned to Dal Yang for another soft-serve… This time they were selling the chocolate flavor!
Yay I got to try both flavors and they were totally worth my trip to Seoul (seriously, just look at my expression)!
I’m glad that this 2nd annual vegan festival had a great turnaround ! That means the vegan community is growing here. Check out Vegan Festival Korea for updates. You do not want to miss this fun event!
 I hope you enjoyed both my blog and vlog 🙂

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  1. Lucia Pereira 7 years ago

    Wow, that is wonderful that you went out to South Korea for the Vegan Festival! I love traveling the world during the time of a Vegan Festival….you can never have too much Vegan food…lol

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