Vegan Boots in Brighton

Boots are one of the most important thing when you travel in winter. Before I turned vegan I was a fan of dr. Marten’s because they are comfortable and you can use them with all the weathers!

vegan alternative to dr. Marten's


I think that this style of boots it’s perfect to travel because with them I can walk all the day and I use them when I go out too, so that I can bring only one pair of shoes and it makes my backpack lighter!

Next February I’ll go to London and visit also the Harry Potter’s Studios, so I need a pair of comfortable, water resistant and warm boots.

I started looking for some vegan-friendly options and I found a very interesting store:

They have an online shop and a nice shop in Brighton and produce many types of shoes and have 11 different types of materials!

I chose the most similar to dr. Marten’s: Airseal Boulder Boot with Street Sole and they are simply amazing!

boot handcrafted in Uk

 Let’s take a closer look to the boots

They are made with Vegetan Micro, the hardest wearing and most water resistant breathable material that they use. They take a bit to “Breaking in” as the leather ones but are super comfortable since the first time you use them.

I also bought a vegan shoe polish to keep them water resistant and shiny.

black polish

I hope this post will help you to find some travel boots and a new shopping spot in Brighton!


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