We took Oman Air from Kathmandu to Muscat, and while the flight is only 4.5hours, we had to wait for 1.5hours in the airport! The food was ok with pasta in tomato sauce, bean salad and fruit.

VGML Meal on Oman Air from Kathmandu to Muscat

Vegan Meal on Oman Air from Kathmandu to Muscat

Oman is extremely friendly and welcoming, we were recommended our guide Suleiman (majanviews.com) from my sister and he was amazing. He took us around Oman, showed us the beautiful places and even answered my million questions on Oman life and culture.

For quick vegan food in Oman we got falafel, bread and hummus; delicious, cheap and quick. Another quick vegan food is Oman bread (without cheese and honey) that you can buy from most coffee/tea shops.

In Muscat we visited the Grand Mosque, and luckily we were there early and had the whole place to ourselves. The Grand Mosque is stunning, and the chandelier is one of the biggest I have ever seen. Remember that women and men must both be covered. We also went to the Royal Opera House, and we got to see that they were setting up for Cinderella.

We went to an abandoned village in the hills, most people have now moved into the cities. Along the way we got lunch and the food in Oman has vegan options. We mostly ate hummus, vegetable curry, lentil (dal), aubergine mash, salad (they love to mix lime and raw red onion-not for the faint hearted!), roti and of course dates. We got to meet the Bedouins and saw how they lived, including their camels. The camel I met particularly liked my t-shirt with flowers on it, and kept trying to eat it!

We had one night in a desert camp, where we saw the sunset over the sand dunes and had a fun and scary time driving over the dunes. There was a buffet for dinner at the desert camp, where we could choose from vegetables, hummus, salad, fruit, bread. The breakfast consisted of bread (make sure that the bread has no milk in it, they had two types of bread and luckily I checked because the first one had milk in it, even though they looked very similar), cereal, fruit, vegetable curry, jams, peanut butter.

We travelled to Wadi Tiwi and Wadi Shab-where we walked for 40minutes to a gorgeous place and swam to a waterfall. Between the two Wadis we had lunch of dal (lentil), bread, salad, potato/green bean mix and a mountain of rice.

Back in Muscat we visited theAl Alam Palace and the Souq, where we brought 3kgs of Oman dates! Then we ate more Oman vegan food of hummus, bread, salad.

We chose a hotel in Muscat (Coral Muscat Hotel & Apartment) with a gym and even though we had to get up at 6am we got in a quick 40minute workout.

  1. Chantal Blake 6 years ago

    I live in Muscat and would’ve been glad to show you around (and rescue you from hummus, dhal, and falafel) but I’m glad you had a great time and ate well! 🙂

    • Author
      Suzy Jones 6 years ago

      Next time I’ll connect you as Oman is very beautiful and I will definitely be back 🙂

    • Vegan josh 5 years ago

      Hi i am there today (17th Dec) until Sat. Any places you could recommend?

      • Author
        Suzy Jones 5 years ago

        Most of the place we went to were small restaurants that we found on the road, but all of them had the salads, hummus, bread, beans, lentils and soup 🙂 good luck 🙂

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