Hello Vegan Travellers!

I’m in Rome! Hopefully I managed to ramp up your excitement for this post by uploading enigmatic pictures of some ruins over the past few days… You probably sussed it after the first picture but ah well I was enjoying it…

I’m here for my Erasmus year from university. I checked through VeganTravel.com and there hasn’t so far been much coverage of the capital of Italy, so I thought I should write about my experiences as a vegan here!

My intention is to upload a post every week,  giving you details of all the vegan-friendly places I come across. So far, I’ve seen at least one juice bar and a health shop which is a good start…

I’m looking forward to discovering Rome’s cruelty-free side, and hopefully you will find it interesting and useful for when you come to Rome!

Quando a Roma!

The Spanish Steps!


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  1. Jenn 8 years ago

    I was falling over vegan places when I was in Rome, it was surprising to me!

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