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Hi there!  I’m Megan, aka the “Crunchy Vegan Gal.” I’ve been veg since 2002. My path to veganism was not immediate; rather, I lived as a vegetarian for nine years before I took that final step. My transition to veganism wasn’t even entirely smooth, either. I wavered a bit at first, but ultimately found my footing…I then found my voice. Recognizing that each of us take very different paths, I hope to be a guiding light for others in their journey—providing resources and support along the way. I created the blog/site and I post daily on Instagram.
I am a professional planner and urban designer. I spend my “spare” time (when I have it!) volunteering, spending time with friends (vegan and non-vegan alike), and eating lots of amazing vegan food.
I live my true north — and that makes some people uncomfortable. They’re not used to questioning certain things about their lifestyles, so I understand if someone gets defensive. I’m learning to work through that defense to help others understand their role in the world and how they can live the most meaningful life for them.

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