Flower Burger in Milan, Italy

Flower Burger, an all-vegan burger restaurant in Milan!Milan seems to be the black sheep of Italy. Yeah, no one seems to have anything positive to say about it. Nothing negative either, simply that it’s nowhere near as exciting as Rome and Florence (which totally blew us away back in 2014!), for instance.

It is however a great starting point to explore northern Italy. Martin’s brother was visiting from Québec and we were looking for some exciting place to take him. Ryan Air’s summer sale and Milan’s proximity to the Cinque Terre, a long-time dream of mine, sealed the deal.

Vegan Burgers in Milan, ItalyDue to a delayed flight (and some poor planning on our side, I won’t lie), we didn’t get too much time to explore. We headed straight to the Duomo, the famous cathedral, walked around a bit and then went directly to Flower Burger to calm our growling stomachs.

The menu is 100% vegan and, if I’m not mistaken, every single item is homemade: patty, bun, sauces, cheeses… That’s always a big plus in my book! They also have several locations across Italy, so don’t despair if you’re only in Milan for a short time.

Map of vegan restaurants in Milan, Happy Cow

Happy Cow’s map of the city will show you an impressive number of vegan restaurants, but had we had the chance, we would have come back to Flower Burger a second time. The place is tiny but warm and friendly. Jess, who took our orders, was so sweet and tried to talk to us in French a bit while I broke out my rusty Italian.

After what seemed like an eternity trying to figure out which burger to choose (they ALL looked super yummy), we all ordered different ones. In the end, we were all highly pleased with our meals. I don’t think you can go wrong here. Those buns were so soft, yet so firm (ok, that made me giggle a bit). And can we take a second to address how gorgeous they look?Delicious vegan burgers in Milan, ItalyDelicious vegan burgers in Milan, Italy

Just to be clear, they don’t use any nasty food coloring to achieve these beautiful results. Can you guess what they used? 🙂

Delicious vegan burgers in Milan, Italy

Practical info

Languages spoken: Italian, and not everyone speaks English (actually, most people we met didn’t speak it at all…)! To learn a few words of this beautiful language before your stay: Have fun learning a language with Duolingo

Currency: euros

To find vegan & veg-friendly restaurants in the area: How to find vegetarian restaurants abroad with Happy Cow

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*Disclaimer: I paid for my meal. This is 100% my honest opinion. However, Flower Burger, if you’re reading this, feel free to give me all the vegan burgers!! 🙂

You can visit the restaurant’s page here: http://www.flowerburger.it/

You can find out more about their location in Rome on my friend Amanda’s blog: https://www.burgerabroad.com/2017/07/31/taste-the-rainbow-at-flower-burger-in-rome/

  1. Vanessa 7 years ago

    yes! I’m from Milan and I absolutely LOVE flower burger! Great review 🙂

  2. mireia sanz 7 years ago

    Oh! Those look so good! My best friend and I will be travelling to Milan later this month….I think we will check this place out! 🙂

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