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Megan's Vegan Travels

Megan is a tree-hugging, animal-loving, urban-exploring vegan. She is the creator of the website, Crunchy Vegan, where she shares experiences and resources about veganism for veg-heads and omnivores alike.

Megan is an urbanist and a happiness enthusiast. Megan’s graduate thesis was titled, Deep Ecological Urbanism, and explored a conceptual and operational framework for reintegrating non-human nature into human-dominated communities. Her professional work has since evolved to focus more intently on how our environments shape us and frame our moods and behaviors—something that’s fascinating to observe from place to place.

When she’s not planning communities or blogging about veganism, she’s eating her way across the world under the guise of the “Crunchy Vegan Gal.” You can follow her adventures on InstagramFacebook, and (occasionally) on Twitter.

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