Suzy Skydiving in Dubai, UAE

Dubai is the last part of my trip from India to Nepal to Oman to Dubai, we went to the Dubai Mall and this place is massive. While there we got lunch at a falafel place called Karam Express, and we paid 18 AED per falafel roll, they were ok nothing special.

We also did a skydive with SkyDive Dubai who were amazing and very professional. This might of been one of the most scary things I have ever done in my life, but very glad I did it! The worse bit is definitely the jump, and I am sure I was pushed because everything in my body was telling me not to jump! The pictures of me and the Palm are amazing.

We went to an all-inclusive hotel with my family for Christmas. The hotel was the Rixos Al Bahr, and it was really nice although about 1h20min from Dubai. They had a main buffet restaurant and other restaurants including a steak house, fish restaurant, Italian. Therefore, we mainly ate at the buffet. The Italian restaurant did try and make us vegan pizza but it was very dry, and the Lebanese restaurant made us hummus, bread and vegetables in a tomato sauce. The buffet had a great salad selection, vegetable curries, grilled vegetables, breads, grains like buckwheat, fruit and once they had a vegan dessert of chickpea/dried fruit/nuts in sugar syrup, which was amazing. For breakfast they had porridge and when you asked the chef they could make it without milk, they also had a great cereal and dried fruit/nuts selection.

While there we also went to the gym at least once a day, it had some cardio and weights (machine and free) enough for a good workout. Also, to keep active there were yoga and pilates classes, and of course the swimming pool.

It can be relatively easy to stay active and eat vegan food on an all-inclusive holiday. Try to go to the gym, or run or swim, and at the buffets make the most of the salad, vegetables and grains. You can always ask the chefs and staff what certain foods contain in you are unsure, or ask them if they can make you anything that is vegan.


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