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This guide will go over details on how to get started with blogging on the site. We can’t wait to hear all about your travels!

The choice of the content is entirely yours, we just ask that it doesn’t contain any disturbing or graphic images, and that it of course be vegan and travel related! Original content is preferred, but bloggers are most welcome to use existing content from their own blog sites. Also while content is key, we have found that the posts we share on our social pages with better resolution photos grab more peoples interest, and receive more likes, comments, and shares.

Your words and images are a great resource for your fellow vegans while helping demonstrate to the those considering going vegan, just how easy it is to live more compassionately and travel as ethical vegans. The blogging platform on is WordPress, and as a site blogger you will have “author” rights and access to the back end of the site. For consistency purposes, we ask that you follow this set of rules as you prepare each of your blog posts to share on the site.

Welcome Aboard! We’re so happy to have you as an active blogger on!

Starting a New Blog Post:

Log into the site as you normally would.

Once you have author access you should see a toolbar at the top of the page.

Hover over the “New” section at the top to add a “Post
(shown in the image on the right).

Starting a new blog on VeganTravel

Add New Blog Post to Vegan Travel

Your screen should now display a blank post with fields for you to add the blog title and blog content.

Here you can write your blog, and upload any photos (Add Media) you would like to add to your blog.

Adding photos to your blog:

As you upload photos to the site, you will have the option to choose alignment, photo size, and add a descriptive Title and related Alt text. Alt text and image title help visually impaired users using screen readers know what each photo is about. It may also help people browsing the web, find your blog. You can also add a Caption if you would like that caption text to be displayed directly under your photo.

NOTE: all photos should have a MAXIMUM width of 2,000 pixels for page performance purposes.

Photo sizing: As you add photos to your blog, please feel free to select any display size you like (Medium, Large, or Full Size). You can set your photo display size when you first upload your photo to your blog by selecting the option settings in the Add Media window. You can also set your photo size once your photo is in your blog by clicking on your photo and selecting the Edit button (Pencil shape).

Adding Photos to Your Blog

Size and Alignment are selectable for each uploaded photo.Sizing your photo when adding it to your blog

Adding a video to your blog:

To add a video to your blog post, simply copy the link from your video’s YouTube or Vimeo page, and paste it into your blog post. You can use either the link at the top of your browser page, or the Share link.

The image on the right is an example of the Share link option from YouTube:

Sharing a video in your blog

Adding links to your blog:

If your blog mentions a restaurant, store, accommodation, or any other point of interest, please feel free to include a link to their website or social page.

Please select the “Open link in a new tab” option for all links you add. Opening the link in a new tab lets readers easily return to your blog after they explore the pages you link to.

If you have your own blog or social page that you would like to share with our community, you are most welcome to include links to them at the end of each blog post.

Linking from VeganTravel

Adding a Featured Image:

Please include a Featured Image for your blog. This photo is what people see when browsing blogs on our site, and when your blog is shared on social media. The Featured Image box is in the lower right hand column, and will let you select any photo from your blog.

Featured Image

Save as Pending Review:

Mark as Pending

Once you complete your blog, it is almost ready to be shared with the world!

Please save your draft as “Pending Review”, so that one of the VeganTravel team members can review it, add tags and categories, and make any small edits if necessary. The tags and categories we add your blog let the site know which relevant pages on our site to add them to, and help site visitors easily find your blog.

This “Pending Review” step also helps prevent multiple posts from being shared at once. Content spaced out throughout the week usually get seen by more of our site community.

We are so thrilled to have you as a blogger on! However, please note that all content must be approved by our team before it goes live on the site. VeganTravel reserves the right to deny or remove any content that does not align with our values. If the author role is misused in anyway, we have the right to revoke blogger access at any time.

We’re here to help!

If you have any blogging questions, please feel free to message us @vegantravel

Additional Info & Optional Tips:

Where blogs are displayed:

Quick note on how we share blogs with our community:

  • The 3 most recent blogs are featured on our home page.
  • All blogs are available on our Vegan Traveler Blogs page, with most recent blogs shown on top.
  • Blogs are featured in our relevant Vegan Travel Guides.
  • Blogs about animal sanctuaries are featured on the pages above, and are also featured on our Animal Sanctuary Blogs and Why go Vegan pages.
  • Blogs will appear in your Blogger Profile page (see section below).
  • Select blogs will be featured on our social media pages

Where to find us on social:



Blogger Profile Pages:

Vegan Travel Bloggers from Around the World

Our Vegan Travel Blogger Profile pages provide additional exposure for your blogs, website, and social pages.

If you are interested, all we would need is a couple of photos (a profile photo and a banner photo for your page), and a bio of you written in 3rd person.

You can see photo and bio examples from fellow bloggers here.

Vegan Travelers Blogger Profile Pages

Comments & Sharing:

Responding to comments you receive on your blogs on our site and our social pages.

We encourage all our bloggers to feel free to respond to any comments we receive on your blog posts. And if you like, please feel free to share them.

We have noticed that the Instagram and Facebook algorithms seem to favor posts with lots of comments and shares, and give these posts more exposure.

Also, please support your fellow vegan bloggers by liking and commenting on their blogs as well.

Comments & Sharing IG Example

Photo Galleries:

An optional tool you can use in your blogs is the “Create Gallery”

When adding two or more photos in a row to your blog, the optional photo galleries can help organize how they appear on your page. It takes a little getting used to, but it is an extremely useful tool for blog readability and aesthetics. Below are some details for adding your photos to your post using photo galleries:

  • Choose a position in your blog post that you would like the Gallery to appear.
  • Click on the [Add Media] Button
  • When the window opens, select the [Create Gallery] option.
  • Select files to upload, or pick photos you already have in the Media Library
  • After you upload or select your photos, they will appear with check marks in the Media Library
Create Gallery - photos selected

Select Photos Window

  • On the right side of each photo you select, you will see dialog box where you can add in each photo’s Title, Caption, and Alt Text Tags (the Caption is used if you would like your blog readers to see text about your photos).
Photo Details - Create Gallery

Photo Tags options

  • After you add the Title, Caption, & Alt Text for each photo, you can click on the [Create a new gallery] button on the lower right and it will then open the Edit Gallery screen
Create Galleries - Edit Gallery

Edit Gallery Window

  • On the Edit Gallery screen, you can drag the photos to change the order on how they appear in your blog. And you can also edit or add the Captions just below each photo.
  • On the right side of the same Edit Gallery screen, you choose the Gallery Settings
Create Gallery - Edit Settings

Gallery Settings

  • Choose how many Columns you want for your Gallery (2 photos across the row, 3 photos across, etc.). For example; if you want to have a Gallery of 6 photos and you select 2 Columns, your 6 photos will show up 2 per row, on 3 rows. If on the other hand, you select 3 Columns for the same 6 photos, your photos will show on 2 rows, with 3 photos per row. For symmetry and aesthetics, we recommend keeping portrait or landscape photos on the same rows.
  • You are most welcome to play around with the other two settings (Link to and Size). Our favorite settings have been (Link to Media File, and Size Large or Medium).
  • When you are satisfied with your settings, just click the [Insert Gallery] button, on the lower right of that same screen.
  • You will then be back in the Blog Post editing page, and your Gallery will appear something like the following:
Create Gallery - Post View

Example of how Gallery photos will appear in your post.

  • Lastly, once your Gallery is in your post, you can click the Preview button (top right) to see how the gallery looks in your blog. If needed, it is easy to edit the Gallery settings by clicking on the photo and selecting the Edit button (Pencil image).

Our team at VeganTravel believes that through our collective blogs and videos, we can help demonstrate just how easy it is to live and travel as ethical vegans, and help highlight the joys of living a more compassionate lifestyle. Approved blogs will be featured on this site, on Facebook, and on our other social media pages. To help give you blogs as much exposure as possible, please consider sharing your blog on your social pages as well. And we encourage you to respond to any comments we get about your blog on our site and our other social platforms.

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