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My 100th country!

Hi, I’m Kayleigh from SheHeartsEarth and in September my partner and I embarked on a 3 week plant-based Eurotrip to visit my 100th country (by my 30th birthday) and discover tasty gems along the way. Below is our food-based experience in our first stop of Prague:

A lot of people ask me if it’s difficult to eat vegan while traveling, and the answer for a lot of places around the world is, no. So I set out to prove it to myself and to anyone else who stumbles across my little corner of the internet that it can be done. Whether you’re a vegan who has never traveled, or a traveler who wants to eat vegan, or even if you’re just interested in giving a plant-based diet a try while on the road, this is for you! With determination, research, and some wonderful resources ( all the way!), it’s totally possible to jet around the world powered by plants.

Anyway, the first week of our trip we ate up a STORM! Agreeing, when possible, to only eat at vegan cafes and restaurants (as opposed to just any restaurant that has one or two vegan options) has been the best travel decision I’ve EVER made! It has actually been a really fun challenge to navigate the busy streets of foreign cities in hunt of the perfect meal – totally worth the anticipation. Each meal tastes so much better and the foodie in me is giddy with excitement each time we sit down at a restaurant that allows me to choose from a full menu of delicious options!

Without further introduction, let’s talk about how this vegan foodie managed to find incredible eats throughout the first stop:


Veggie Garden

Pobřežní 12 (at Praha 8), Prague, Czech Republic

At this stop we tried two different flavors of veggie quiche, and while it was tasty, mine fell a tad on the dry side and was not fully warmed through after two times being heated but according to the reviews, it sounds like that may have just been my experience.

Vegan Police Artwork

Small cafe-type restaurant

Display Case carried different varieties of quiches, sandwiches, and small salads.

Vegan’s Prague

Nerudova 36, Prague, Czech Republic, 118000

OMG! This place…YUM. We went here twice in 2 days! To me, the menu wasn’t super extensive but the food was incredible. A great place to try traditional Czech food prepared in a way I could enjoy it.

We ordered:

  • Svíčková with Smoked Tempeh – “traditional Czech sauce made of marinated root vegetable with vegetable cream, cranberries, with home made dumplings” It was soooo delicious that I chose it both days and cost just under $10.
  • Darth Vader Burger – beetroot patty with dill sauce, lettuce, and tomato on a black bun (this was on special so I don’t have the exact ingredients or price).
  • Coconut Curry with Jasmin Rice – “Sauce made of coconut milk and curry spices, tofu, fresh carrot, pepper.”

This wonderful restaurant is at the top of a number of stairs.

Great ambiance upstairs

Darth Vader Beet Burger

Terrible lighting (we dined on the roof that night) but delicious vegan version of Svíčková with Smoked Tempeh

Puro Bistro

Vinohradska 2030/44, Prague, Czech Republic, 12000

Such a cute little place offering surprisingly delicious food in a friendly setting. Affordable and ready quickly, the food did not disappoint. There’s even a small grocery section where you can buy snacks, candy, and vegan cheese and protein substitutes.

We ordered:

  • Grilled Tempeh and Pea Spread Bagel
  • Super Cacoarridge (or something like that)

I realize that neither things we ordered sound fantastic, but let me tell you, I was drooling they were so good! And I totally forgot to take a picture of them I was so hungry!

Display case of delicious!

Puro Bistro Wall Art

I would definitely we had a very successful food experience throughout the first leg of our trip! As we were traveling with two others, I do feel the need to confess that we did visit one restaurant that catered to all diets, but we still managed to find delicious vegan options at NEB.O, an Asian fusion restaurant.

Noodle dish not from a vegan restaurant but plant-based and tasty!



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