Vegan Travel Blogs by Kayleigh

Kayleigh's Vegan TravelsThe blogs below were contributed by Kayleigh, who graciously shared her travel experiences with our community. Kayleigh’s first trip abroad took her to west Africa at the age of 19, and with that she was hooked. The travel bug bit hard and gave her an insatiable need to explore the world. Luckily she finished university and just days after graduating, she jumped on her first (of over a dozen) cruise ship contract and sailed around the world for seven years, visiting every continent. In 2017, she traveled to her 100th country in an epic whirlwind of a Eurotrip. Working on ships inspired her vegetarian diet and shortly after stepping off her final contract in 2016, she finally achieved her long-time intention of transitioning into a vegan lifestyle and will never go back! Her travel goals now center highly around hunting for delicious plant-based meals in all corners of the globe and sharing those finds with like-minded travelers. Other than globe-trotting and plant-based eating, Kayleigh’s hobbies include (but are not limited to) photography, videography, writing (she just published her first children’s book!), rock climbing, yoga, being in nature, and boating. See more of her travels at or follow her on Instagram and Facebook @sheheartsearth

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