I cannot think of a more appropriate day for a Vegan Traveler to post an update other than World Vegan Day!

On any given day of the year, I am excited to talk about veganism. I am always very excited to tell people about the health benefits, the environmental benefits, and the soul benefits of being vegan (the proof is in the pudding on that last one… I mean, my heart. The proof is in my heart). Today is different, though. Today when I speak of these things, I am reinforced and encouraged by the thought that all day today other vegans around the world will be having the same conversations. Of course I know that other vegans have these conversations all the time, but on World Vegan Day it feels like they’re having them at the exact same time. I feel as though I have a gaggle of vegans behind me, backing up everything that I say and giving me a high-five for being a part of the world changers club. There is such a sense of community and family in veganism all the time, but World Vegan Day is like a big family holiday where we all come together and get excited about food and love. I love World Vegan Day and I’m going to polish this one off with a nice piece of homemade vegan pumpkin pie topped with rice milk whipped cream. I leave you with these last sentiments;

To Vegans: Keep up the beautiful, amazing, rewarding work! Whether you live in NYC near 20 vegans or in the middle of Reykjavik near 1 half-vegetarian who “doesn’t get” you, know that there is a community of like-minded people out there (all over the world!) who believe the same things that you do and act upon those things in the same radical way that you do. Be vegan. Stay vegan. Much love.

To Non-Vegans: It is never ever too late to go vegan. Every meal that you consume has a direct and significant impact on the Earth and on the lives of many innocent non-human and human animals alike. You can make a difference. Make the dietary and lifestyle change today for your health, for your planet, and for your fellow Earthlings. (And for your soul or your spirit if you believe in it)
There is a community of vegans all over the world who are ready to welcome you, support you, and encourage you. Much love.

Happy World Vegan Day,


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