MiLisa Brooklyn Vegan Travel

Throughout my experience living a vegan lifestyle, I have made adjustments to be more in line with the philosophy. The definition of veganism means to live without the exploitation of animals for any purpose. In this recent video, I traveled to New York (Brooklyn is my favorite borough!!!). I wanted to share that I incorporate cruelty free toiletries in addition to vegan cuisine. Similarly, do right by the Earth with thrift store shopping as the clothing industry is harmful to our environment. Public transportation is also another green thing to do. I believe we are all earthlings and are connected.  Please enjoy the video!

Also on this trip I had lunch at Masala Box in Queens. I ordered the Channa Saag (chickpeas & spinach); super delicious!!! And for my last snack Sweet Potato Dumplings at Idlewild in Bushwick.   So scrumptious! And some gunpowder green tea from Wyckoff Star Coffee!



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