An Unexpected Treasure Find…

Nestled in a forest on the outskirts of Lampang, Northern Thailand, is Vegan Town. A brand new eco farming community with the mission to promote healthy living to all of Thailand. Stumbling across this hidden paradise, you wouldn’t think the bustling city of Lampang is only a stones throw away. The overwhelming sense of peace and nature surrounded me within my first few steps on the land. A beautiful bamboo bridge is the centre piece that first caught my eye. Decorated with colourful banners, it acts as the entrance to Vegan Town. I was greeted by a lovely Thai man called Aek who told me that the bridge is spiritual and that guests are encouraged to walk over it to let go of any negative thoughts they have. I thought this was a good representation of Vegan Town as it is definitely a place to visit and relax stress free.

The spiritual bamboo bridge

Founded in October 2018, the amount of progress made on this project so far is impressive. With a row of bamboo huts to the right and a large vegetable garden to the left, it feels like a little town. There is a restaurant on site where you can try some freshly brewed herbal tea or sample some dishes using fresh vegetables picked straight from the garden. All the seating is built from bamboo which gives the whole space a traditional and natural feel. Whilst sipping on a hot cup of fresh tea I enjoyed the stunning view of the river in which Vegan Town sits on.

Stunning view over the river

Fresh herbal tea and healthy snacks I was given to try

The land

Every guest can take a tour around the grounds, learning about the different types of herbs and vegetables that are grown. From eggplants to tomatoes to mushrooms and ginger, its clear a lot of love and nurturing has been shown to all the plants. Local farmers and gardeners are employed to care of the land. A particularly impressive sight was the bamboo shed built to grow mushrooms. Inside was hundreds of recycled plastic bottles acting as the perfect mushroom breeding ground. The bottles are filled with a mix of coconut, wood and mushrooms spores which creates the right environment for mushrooms to grow. I was told everything is grown using no pesticides.

There are signs across the farm land explaining what each crop is

Eco friendly mushroom growing

Learning about natural farming was incredibly interesting and everyone was so friendly. Vegan Town also offers accommodation in traditional bamboo huts for any guest wishing to extend their visit. With so much nature around and a relaxing atmosphere, I can imagine it would be easy to stay for a while. When asking about what activities were offered at Vegan Town, I was told …everything! From vegan cooking classes, meditation classes, bamboo construction courses and even swing dance lessons, it certainly seems to have a lot to offer.

Traditional bamboo huts

How to reach Vegan Town 

The journey to Vegan Town is an adventure in itself. Lampang city can be easily reached from Chiang Mai. Catch a bus from Chiang Mai’s arcade bus terminal to Lampang. Its about a 2 hour drive, an hour and a half in good traffic. When you arrive at the bus station you will see a row of yellow and green local taxis outside 7/11. Vegan Town doesn’t have a written address but it does appear on Google Maps. Ask a taxi driver to take you to the temple ‘ Wat Si Kam’. In Thai you can say ‘ bai Wat Si Kam’, meaning I go to Wat Si Kam. Its opposite the entrance to Vegan Town. The journey should you cost about 100 baht. Vegan Town is open every day 8am-5pm!

Use this link to help you find the location


Local farmer preparing the ground for crop planting

Cute area designed for drinking tea

It was exciting to see a vegan project filled with so much passion and prospect. I believe Vegan Town will grow to be so much bigger than just one location in Lampang. Whether you are vegan, want to learn more about natural farming or just enjoy nature, Vegan Town is the hidden paradise to visit.


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