Wynwood Walls , Miami FL

My first time in Miami was met with a genuine curiosity of this lively city, beautiful weather, an array of different cultures and of course the question – where’s the vegan food at?

Not long into my trip with my best friend, did we find some options in Miami where a vegan girl could get her grub on; besides just feasting on white rice and vegetarian Cuban style black beans. Which, by the way, still made me very happy.

First stop was a lovely spot in Wynwood called Love Life Cafe. Decorated in a chic and clean yet colorful manner, it’s located within walking distance of the famous Wynwood Walls. I had the breakfast criollo, complete with the “Just Egg”; which was my first time trying it. Turned out to be a pretty great option for eggs other than my usual tofu scramble. There’s also a very cute cafe attached to the restaurant for pastries and great coffee.

Love Life Cafe, Miami FL

I learned it can be somewhat hard to find pure vegan restaurants in Miami or even vegan options within “normal” restaurants. Perhaps due to the heavy influence of Cuban and Latino cuisine; which as a fellow Latina, I know first hand is extremely meat and cheese heavy. However, the gems of vegan food you can find in Miami, are worth it. There’s a great Mexican restaurant in Wynwood as well (Wynwood…you rock baby) called Charly’s Vegan Tacos. It. Was. Divine. I absolutely loved it and so did my friend! The vegan nachos as an appetizer are sure to satisfy you and fill you up before the delicious entree…but please, still order an entree! The colorful walls and handmade skulls on each table will definitely make you feel like you’ve stepped into Mexico itself. That being said, I’m excited to one day travel to Tulum and visit Charly’s other location there as well.

Lastly, if you are to visit any vegan restaurant in Miami, let it be Planta in South Beach. Apparently, it is a place many celebrities have visited while in South Beach and that is how I came across its existence. We enjoyed the clean and comfortable atmosphere while having cauliflower tots before our Gnocchetti Pasta. Our amazing waitress let us know the pasta dish was new to the restaurant and an instant hit; which we could see why! I highly recommend this pasta dish if you’re at the restaurant and craving something hearty.

All in all, Miami may be a place for letting loose, experiencing a mix of different cultures in one vibrant and colorful city, tanning on the beach and having really authentic Latino food; but amidst it all, there are amazing vegan finds and easy ways to live the vegan lifestyle without missing a beat.

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  1. Kianna 5 years ago

    How fun! This post was incredibly helpful in planning my next personal vegan adventure into the soul of Miami! I look forward to more post from this author 🙂

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