Vegan Love Budapest

After falling in love with Prague and its delicious vegan bites,  the second stop of our crazy quest landed us in Budapest. It started a little rocky but we were soon surprised and went from hangry to elated…

Leaving Hungary full and happy!

I don’t know why I didn’t expect very many places to cater to my veg-alicious needs through this trip but I am so pleased that that assumption was WAAAAYYYY off base! We have been overwhelmed with options. It’s been almost hard to whittle down the choices and just pick one! We had an excellent experience in Prague, and having done a quick search on before leaving on our trip, I knew we would find a few places in Budapest but I had no idea we would be so incredibly spoiled for choice!

When we first arrived in Budapest at 6am after NO sleep on the overnight bus (we have had some pretty bad overnight bus experiences in the past…) from Prague, I was concerned about our eating options. Did I mention it was also a Sunday? Not a promising situation to find delicious food options. We wandered around for hours trying to find food until finally a tiny Tesco opened and we could by a small loaf of freshly baked bread to hold us over until the restaurants started opening. After being SOOOO hungry, it was the best tasting bread ever! We finally found an open café but all the veggie options included dairy or eggs. So again we hit the pavement in search of breakfast. Our solution finally came in the form of a cute little raw food café that looked like a pinterest board come to life! It was just what we needed. And from that moment onward, Budapest’s vegan scene came to life!


Naspolya Nassolda

Káldy Gyula u. 7, Budapest, Hungary 1061

This tiny shop looked like it came straight out of a decorating magazine. It is so cute and the staff were so sweet! After searching HOURS for a place to have breakfast, we are so thankful to have found this place! The don’t have a ton of options on the menu for breakfast but the granola was delightful. Many raw cake options are available here as well.

We ordered:

Two variations of granola but the website is in Hungarian and I can’t remember the whole description but I do remember that mine had goji berries and apples and Rob’s had cacao and bananas I believe. His was better 🙂

Right off a pinterest page!

Goji and apples VS. cacao and bananas.

Up close at my goji berry and apple granola bowl

That feeling of chilling on a log swing after the hungry finally subsides.

Vegan Love

Bartok Bela Ut 9, Budapest, Hungary, 1114

We stopped here after a dip in the Gellert Spa, one of the only things we could muster the energy to do after our lack of sleep on the night bus. Luckily this restaurant was just right around the corner for us to enjoy afterward. The burgers were delicious and look at that poster we found on the wall behind me! Last chance to visit the local vegan market was that night – dinner sorted!

We ordered:

  • BBQ Tofu Steak Burger – Tofu steak marinated in BBQ, vegan smoked cheese, crispy onion, tomato, baby spinach, and garlic veganaise
  • Grilled Chicken Seitan Burger – crispy seitan, pickles, onions, tomato, lettuce, mustard

Such a cute shopfront!

We knew where we were headed for dinner!

Grilled Chicken Seitan Burger

Vegan Market

We were so lucky to see the poster for this event at Vegan Love and that it just happened to be the last day of it! We were so exhausted that evening that we (alright…it was just me) almost didn’t go but I am SOOO thankful we did! It was incredible to be surrounded by so many food options and like-minded eaters. I LOVED it! We had the wonderful pleasure of trying traditional Hungarian food – middle bottom photo, as well as gulping down a vegan mango lassi (one of the things I have missed the most) by Las Vegans, and lastly, enjoying a raw raffaello-flavored cake…YUM!

96 Zen Etterem

Budapest,ker.Kálvin tér 5, Budapest, Hungary 1053

We are extremely lucky to have stumbled on this place by chance! We were SOOO so hungry after our 4-hour scooter tour around the city. And thankfully it was buffet style Asian food so it was at our table in a matter of moments for us to scarf down in time to head to the market to stock up on some fresh fruits. It was not our best meal of the trip but it filled the void!

We ordered:

  • 2 different noodle dishes
  • Fried veggie sushi
  • Black pepper seitan strips
  • Ginger mushrooms
  • Coconut curry

Not pretty, but vegan!

Napfenyes Restaurant and Pastry

Ferenciek tere 2, Budapest, Hungary 1053

According to, this was one of the highest rated vegan restaurants in the whole city. That’s saying something since there are SO many! I definitely wouldn’t say it didn’t taste good – the food was delicious, but the problem was that the meal we ordered (probably our fault) was all fried! SUPER tasty…but we felt a bit guilty by the end of it.

We ordered:

  • Napfenyes Platter for Two – fried non-diary cheese, grilled seitan cutlets, stuffed breaded seitan Kiev, homemade falafel, oat fritters, breaded tofu cheese, rice and peas, mashed potatoes with onions, braised cabbage, french fries, tartar sauce, garlic non-dairy mayonnaise…whew! What a MEAL!
  • Fresh orange juice – YUMMMMY

So greasy, but so tasty.

Oh My Green

Petőfi Sándor u. 10, Budapest, Hungary 1052

This was just a quick stop on our last day before visiting the church. They had a few pre-made vegan breakfast options for us to choose from. Unfortunately it was not a completely veggie cafe but we made do since we were in a bit of a hurry.

Energy bites, smoothie cup, and Mango pudding.

Cute decorations!

Mennyorszag Szive Bio Bolt

VII, Nefelejcs ut.3, Budapest, Hungary 1078

This place was such a treasure to find! Right by the train station so it was our last Budapest meal before heading to Vienna. It was PERFECT as well and super affordable! The vegan burger patties and mayo are hand-crafted by Karen who was so sweet to chat and explain her ingredients to us. They also graciously accepted Euros when she saw we were out of Florints. We even ordered two more burgers to go for our train ride. SOO tasty!

We ordered:

  • Veggie burgers
  • Club sandwich
  • We had no idea just how good it would be!

    It’s only little but oh so delicious!

    Amazing veggie burger and club sandwich.

    Owner, Karen makes the amazing veggie patties and is super friendly and welcoming!

  1. Cody Kuchirka 6 years ago

    We really loved Napfenyes Restaurant and we ended up going to both locations. The pizza at the other one was super delicious.

    • Author
      Kayleigh 6 years ago

      I’m so glad you liked it! We really enjoyed it too but the food we ordered was a bit heavier than we were expecting. Delicious but super filling!
      I didn’t know there was a second location! I’ll keep that in mind for the next visit. Thanks for reading!

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