Summer Budapest Chain Bridge Hungary

Summer walk in the Chain Bridge Budapest

When dreaming about Budapest, one cannot help but being intrigued about its wonderful history, lots of hidden stories in streets and corners, enclaved into two pieces of land that have been forged by the banks of the Danube River, coming together by the blending of two main ancient cities, Buda & Pest. You can go from Buda to Pest or viceversa just by crossing one of Budapest’s flagship bridges, the Chain Bridge.

The city views are astonishing from every angle you look at it. It is captivating from the moment you set foot on its land. We never imagined we were going to end-up visiting Budapest this summer, but best things in life come unplanned sometimes!. No time to waste for exploring and searching for the best cruelty-free meals at one of the friendliest vegan cities in Europe. Yes, Budapest makes it easy for us, vegan travelers, to enjoy the perks of a fascinating place, without having to leave a cruelty mark in the making.

On another positive note, we did not see any horse carriages or other animal traction vehicles used for touristic activities there, which we observed with joy, because when in comes to traveling compassionately, food choices are not the only aspect of it, it goes beyond to also lookout for things like transportation, entertainment, clothing, and just simply every decision that could negatively affect another sentient being. It is easier than you think, believe me! Every trip that I take ever since I turned vegan has reaffirmed my commitment to the planet, to the animals, and to myself.

On our short stay in Budapest (3 days), we were able to discover a couple of places where vegan food rocks. We pretty much decided to focus on exploring the Buda side as time was of the essence, however, we knew there were plenty of other vegan places in Pest that we may have to leave for the next opportunity to visit the city. The Buda side had so much to offer, and while wandering, we uncovered these precious gems:

Vegan Love

What a hit! This place totally does justice to its name, cozy environment and relaxed atmosphere, everything was lovely! – when searching up for vegan places their ‘about us’ section really seduced us. We tried a couple of menu options and both of them were absolutely finger licking! We tried the BBQ Veg Chick’n Burger & the BLT Sandwich. I wish we would have been hungrier because judging by these two, we can tell the rest of the dishes were amazing too! keep in mind their business hours are Mon-Sun 11:00 – 21:00 (1114 Budapest, Bartok Bela ut 9)

Edeni Vegan Restaurant

Indulge yourself!!!

Their website does not do justice to what this place really is. Hoping you re able to feel a bit of its eclectic atmosphere with some of our pictures. The ambiance combined with the quality of the food makes it an unavoidable stop in the pursue of plant-based flavors. The taste is beyond words. Her owner, Sylvia, is a very nice and welcoming lady who works in the restaurant herself.  She keeps this corner place really neat and offers a smile as she brings your food to the table, which is a great treat! nothing like being taken care of by the very owner.

Last but not least, do not forget to taste some of the Hungarian homemade wines, they do offer a different perspective on wine which for us was unique to the region, and we were glad we tried them!

Stay tuned for more… we will be back in Europe soon for another cruelty-free adventure!

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