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Ximena & Toto are a Colombo-Venezuelan married couple who enjoy their passion for travel and for living cruelty-free in every aspect of their lives. Ever since they met, they have gone on many adventures around the world in The Americas, Asia, Europe, and Africa. Ximena loves to document and photograph treasured moments to help spread the vegan lifestyle and her mantra is to, as much as possible, support the cruelty-free entrepreneur businesses,  so that the awareness of this wonderful lifestyle can grow and expand even faster. Their vegan adventures together started in 2014, when Ximena became vegan for the love of animals and the planet. Surely six months after, Toto followed her footsteps which helped him recover from what his medical doctor called an ‘hereditary health condition’ with no cure but to be on medication for life. Their biggest dream is to establish an animal sanctuary in South America to spread and energize the vegan movement in that part of the world, and be able to showcase all the learnings and experiences they have acquired abroad that demonstrates that you can exist and thrive without hurting our precious animal friends or the planet we live in.

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