Vegan in Bali - benefits of Matcha Tea

Who knew that a little piece of matcha paradise could be found in the middle of Bali’s rice fields! This special cafe is located in Canggu and gets any matcha lover excited!

Matcha Cafe Canggu Bali

Matcha Cafe Canggu Bali

If you aren’t part of the matcha club yet lets get you informed a little about the great green power – and soon you will be part of the fan club!

Matcha is powdered Japanese green tea which has its very unique taste but also its very unique powers. This green powder is filled with antioxidants, in-fact it has seven times that of dark chocolate and sixty times that of spinach! It is also known to be an anti-ager, lowers LDL ‘bad’ cholesterol, supports weight loss, it detoxifies and its very high in fiber which stabilises blood sugar levels. It also consists of amino acid L-theanine, which combined with the naturel caffeine found in the powder creates a slow release of energy over the next 3-6 hours after consuming – unlike coffee which releases energy in more of kick form leaving you feel energised for about 1-1.30 hours.

If thats not enough to convince you let me tell you that it also tastes absolutely delicious! The powder can be used in many ways and forms creating the most tasty products.

Matcha tea at Matcha Cafe Canggu Bali

Matcha tea Matcha Cafe Canggu Bali

And I know just the place for you to try all kind of matcha deliciousness! – Welcome to Matcha Cafe (or what I like to call Matcha Heaven!)

With a slight breeze flowing through the cafe you sit comfortably in one of the seats awaiting to set eyes on their incredible menu.

The menu is definitely the most interesting one I have seen in any of the cafes I have visited so far in Canggu. From delicious smoothy bowls, matcha pancakes and matcha banana bread to matcha Gnocchi – thats right matcha GNOCCHI! – Definitely a must try!

The amazing thing is that most of their ingredients are sourced from local farms as well as being organic and home made. They also make their coconut milk fresh every morning – and that you can really taste.

You must try the Matcha Latte with coconut milk. I usually find that coconut milk sweetens your beverage overpowering the matcha flavour. But in this case no sweeteners are added so the milk is pure. Leaving you with the perfect latte which has a real matcha flavour.

Vegan matcha pancakes at Matcha Cafe Canggu Bali

Vegan matcha pancakes at Matcha Cafe Canggu Bali

The ‘Matcha Nutella Pancakes’ are a must try. They are gluten and dairy free but on request can also be made vegan. They are incredibly fluffy and full of flavour.The raw chocolate sauce that is drizzled on top is the finishing touch to a perfect plate!

Another one of my favourites is their vegan ‘Matcha banana bread’. This banana bread is made with a special finishing touch! The bread is soft from the inside but as they toast it on both sides the outsides texture is deliciously crispy!

Vegan matcha banana bread at Matcha Cafe Canggu Bali

Vegan matcha banana bread at Matcha Cafe Canggu Bali

It’s definitely a place that you must visit when in Canggu. But honestly you can’t just visit once, you will be craving for more matcha goodness and find yourself back in no time!

I you want to read more about the health benefits of matcha or you are wanting to add it to your daily diet but don’t know where to start? Then head over to my website where you can find tips and easy and delicious matcha recipes! Go to


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