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This post is the first in our Indonesian vegan food guide trilogy. To read the second post from Gili Islands press here (opens in new tab).

The vibrant coastal town Canggu, with its many beaches and surf breaks, is famous for its very chill vibe and for being a popular spot for laid back surfers and high spirited yoginis.

In addition, Canggu is a vegan food mecca laying host to an ever increasing number of plant based restaurants. We felt like we were in food heaven during our 2 weeks visit.

Due to the very high selection of plant based restaurants we sadly did not get to visit every single one, but the below comes with our recommendations and at the end of the post we also list some which we wish to visit in the future.

Peloton Supershop

This was our favourite spot in Canggu and sadly we only got to visit once. It reminded us of being back in Copenhagen with their bicycles hanging on the walls and very hip atmosphere. Peloton, with its two story floor plan, offers plenty of space for both chatting friend groups, family outings and digital nomads seeking a corner to do their work in.

Kynd Community

Pink, pink, pink ! And we love it. Here your eyes as well as your stomach will have a feast. The Kynd team has created such a cool and hip place which is a favourite for content creators and instagrammers who will be seen taking pictures with the cool wall art and decorative interior design. Not to mention the food which is worthy of our highest praise.


Give is Kynd Community’s 100% plant based non-profit cafe.
It is a super cozy place which mimics the Kynd interior design. It is a locally inspired menu which you can enjoy indoor or outdoors. There is ambient music to create a nice atmosphere and the staff is top notch. At the end when you pay your bill you will be given a token to decide which organisation you wish your purchase to support. The people, the animals or the planet.

Green Ginger Noodle House

This is a great place to satisfy your Asian cravings. We went here for our 8 month anniversary and had a very tasty Pad thai and Labh salat cups.

Oma Jamu

If you are travelling on a budget and cannot – or just don’t want to – visit the trendy and costly cafes then Oma Jamu is the place to go.
From the outset the place looks very basic, yet cozy, but do not let that fool you. The food is very tasty and much cheaper than other places. They serve a great buffet where you e.g. choose 7 items for 40k.
In addition they sell fresh fruit, juices and also has a la carte menu !

Cafe Organic – Garden Gangstas

Our visit here was a bit unfortunate, as we were seated outdoors which is just next to a very trafficked road, the wi-fi was down and they did not have any filtered water. Despite these unfortunate things the food which we got was still really good and we would have liked to come back another day to sit indoors and give them a second chance on creating a better overall impression.

Plant Cartel

Being the new kind on the block (when we visited in October 18) Plant Cartel dishes up vegan fast food like you probably haven’t tried it before. They sell burgers, hot dogs, tacos and much more. All deliciously greasy if you have these cravings and does not live a raw vegan lifestyle.
We tried the double please burger, SFC, onion rings and Popcorn Chick’n (jackfruit bits) which were all great. In addition we got to chat a fair bit with the owner Greg who is a great guy.

Nalu Bowls & Shelter Cafe

Nicecream / smoothie bowls are all the rage in the vegan community and you are (almost) not a respectable place if you do not have this on your menu.
But Nalu Bowls specialises in making bowls. Big surprise, we know.
They are definitely worth a visit and has a couple outfits across Bali. We would love to try more of all they have to offer next time we are around.

On top of one of the Nalu Bowls’ locations in Canggu is Shelter Cafe boasting a massive 1st floor restaurant/cafe. The decor is all wood and plants and is made just right. The food and smoothies are really good and you should definitely swing by to try out the menu.  

Mad Pops

Uh, this was definitely also one of our favourite places. In Copenhagen we have Nicecream Copenhagen who, in our opinion, makes the world’s best nicecream. But we have to admit that they now have to share that title with Mad Pops because OMG ! do they make amazing vegan ice cream.
We had several cones stacked higher with scoops than what physics would usually allow and we gulped it all down. Mad Pops also has a super cool Instagram story where they are so creative in their posts. Definitely worth a look. 🙂

Divine Earth

A restaurant featuring a movie theatre. Yes you read that right. Divine Earth not only serves up a 100 % plant based menu, they also invite you to come watch movies with them after finishing your dinner. We saw Ant-Man and the Wasp whilst filling the last gaps in our stomachs with popcorn from their old fashioned popcorn machine. Do not miss out on this movie opportunity.

Beach Garden In The Raw

This is one of the more trendy spots situated relatively close to the beach and featuring a very large outdoor open floor plan. Here you can get almost everything, both in terms of dining, but also in terms of super foods, powders, kombucha etc. to purchase to go.
We were not overly impressed by the food we ordered, but there were plenty more items to try which we are sure would have been more to our liking, so we would definitely give In The Raw a second chance to impress us. The pricing is high, so keep that in mind if you go.

Places we did not get to visit, but would have if time allowed

  • Earth Cafe & Market
  • Coffee Cartel
  • Merah Putih
  • Cafe Organic
  • Ruko Cafe
  • Milk & Madu Cafe
  • Vinnys Warung
  • Koloni Cafe
  • Warung Organic Gula Manis
  • Machinery Cafe
  • Samadi Vegan Restaurant
  • Crate Cafe
  • Leroy’s Restaurant
  • Cafe Vida
  • The Loft
  • Deus Ex Machina
  • I Am – Vegan Cafe
  • The Shady Shack
  • Ithaka Warung
  • The Lawn

We hope that you liked this guide and will find it useful when planning your trip to, or already find yourself in, Bali.

Let us know in the comments if you visit any of these places and have some feedback to share or if you feel we missed someone which we should include next time we visit. 🙂

Cheers, Jen & Kris

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