How to be Vegan on an All-Inclusive Turkish Holiday by Suzy on

I have just spent a week in an all-inclusive resort in Fethiye, Turkey at TUI Sensatori Resort Fethiye. The weather was pure sunshine, with no clouds in the sky and +30C! There were also turtle eggs on the beach (protected in cages), although I did not see any hatching!

The hotel staff were very good at providing vegan food, although at lunch and dinner I had to have my own chef cook roasted vegetables (in tomato sauce normally or lentil soup) for me because the ones in the buffet were cooked in butter (so be warned that even if there are vegetables check if they cook in butter).

On their menus they had symbols of what their food contains (see photo below), which was very handy. I would double check with a chef/staff to make sure, because there was a dessert with apples and melted dark chocolate and the symbols said it was vegan, but when I asked the chef it did contain milk!

One of my favourite desserts was a roasted pumpkin with tahini and walnuts! So amazing I had two portions! One of the nights was Turkish and they had cakes made of hummus-mung beans, normal, spicy, avocado, quinoa, beetroot, broad bean versions! Heaven!

Their gym was also one of the best hotel gyms I have been in! They had a good selection of yoga (including a candlelit yoga with live guitar music), pilates, boot camp classes as well, be warned that the pilates class is hard core although it could be because it was 35C and you are exercising outside with a gorgeous view of the sea!

Tips for an all-inclusive holiday;

  1. Contact the hotel before you go
  2. Talk with the chef/staff while you are there, especially if you are unsure what a dish contains
  3. Smile, so then the staff/chef will want to help you more
  4. Bring snacks if you can, nuts/fruit
  5. Accommodate, you may not be able to eat your normal breakfast/lunch/dinner but this is a time to explore and try different (vegan) foods
  6. Be prepared to eat lots of roasted vegetables and fruit


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  1. Cass 2 years ago

    Hi. Just read your blog. Very helpful. Thanks. I can see machines and dumbell free weights in gym but no free bar weights..were there any to your

    • Author
      Suzy Jones 2 years ago

      Hey thank you! There was a smith machine (bar on a rack) but I’m not sure if the bar could come away from the rack. There was a small free bar and weights. I cannot remember the weights of the bar weights. You could always contact the hotel to be sure.

  2. Kirsty D 5 years ago

    This was really helpful! I was looking for a vegan guide to sensatori hotels and just by chance, this is actually the hotel we have booked to go to. I’m just wondering, did the resort have any soya milk? I was thinking of bringing UHT soya just in case!

  3. Rioy 5 years ago

    Cant be sure the don’t cook rice or veg in stock from chicken etc

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