Vegan Philly Cheesesteak

When in Philly do as the Philadelphians do.
When vegan in Philly do as the vegan Philadelphians do.

Cheesesteaks are a hot topic here in Philadelphia. Be prepared to answer the age-old question Pats or Genos? Hesitate to answer, you may get an ear full of opinions you never knew existed. While Genos and Pats are the cheesesteak legends that light up Passyunk Avenue like the Las Vegas strip, there are an abundance of cruelty-free cheesesteak options that even Rocky would approve.

Vegan Cheesesteak Starter Kit:

  1. Abbey | Website
    Seitan Cheesesteak – Chimay Marinated Seitan, Grilled Tomatoes & Onion, Vegan Cheese
  2. Royal Tavern | Website
    Vegan Cheesesteak – Seitan, Fried Onions, Roasted Mushrooms, Daiya Mozzarella
  3. Wiz Kid | Website
    Wiz Kid Philly – Seitan, Mushrooms, Fried Onion, Rutabaga Wiz
  4. Dos Segundos | Website
    (technically this is a cheesesteak in burrito form but try it and you’ll understand) Vegan Cheesesteak Burrito – Seitan, Daiya Mozzarella, Crispy Yucca, Lettuce, Chipotle Onions, Smoked Mushroom Ketchup
  5. Tattoo Moms | Website
    Philly Vegan Cheese Steak – hoagie roll with “beef” flavored seitan and Daiya cheese

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