L’Gros Luxe - vegan chick'n and waffle

*Updated Version*

Many vegan restaurants in Montreal have been re-located, and I am sad to say that a few places I had mentioned in my previous entries are no longer existing. I thought it would be a good idea to update their new addresses, so that I won’t be blamed for giving you false information. 😛

Here we go…


Invitation V – 201 St. Jacques St

Invitation V is now located near Old Port, and has even brought some new dishes on the menu. My boyfriend and I went here for brunch and I loved the new changes! This place is a must try!

Pancakes are always a safe choice for a weekend brunch.


My boyfriend got the omelette, and he loved it! They do an amazing job of recreating the taste and texture of egg.


La Panthere Verte2153 Mackay St.

In my previous blog, I wrote down the Snowdon location of the “Green Panther”, but this time, I decided to suggest a downtown one.

This place is indeed special for its “raw vegan” dishes. And surprisingly, their plates were to my taste (I have mentioned that I am not always a huge fan of raw food). I took my friend here, who is not even close to a vegtarian, and her mind was blown when she took a bite of that cashew cheese.

The lasagna and the sandwich were superb!!


Cafe Chat l’Heureux – 172 Avenue Duluth E


Again, I remember posting about two cat cafes in Montreal, but unfortunately, they are both closed down for good. Cafe Chat l’Heureux is the only surviving one – so far.

This cat cafe is not completely vegan, but they do offer many vegan options, such as the lemon coconut cake that I ordered.

One of the best chai lattes I had!

I would love to adopt that black cat…


Copper Branch – 1415 – 1445 Boulevard Robert-Bourassa 


Just like “La Panthere Verte”, Copper Branch is a chain restaurant, and probably a representative of veganism in Montreal. It is growing so fast that there is a new one opening near my place (and I’m super excited about that!)!

The vegan bowl is their specialty, and I swear I’ve had it at least 10 times because it’s just THAT good. Everything is 100% vegan and they even have discount for students, so make sure you carry your student card!


Some goodies to take home!


I adore their bowls. Especially with Shiitake mushrooms. Must. Try.


Always a dessert to satisfy my meal…. but I prefer the raspberry one.

L’Gros Luxe (vegan location)451 Avenue Duluth E

L’Gros Luxe has about five locations throughout Montreal; some are vegetarian and some are vegan. No questions needed, I prefer the vegan place.

I felt like their menu was limited on the weekends, but nonetheless, I enjoyed my waffle chicken very very much, with a nice mimosa to complement it.


Waffle chicken with fresh fruits and maple syrup. Had been craving this for a while.


That’s it for now, and I feel so much better after having updated my blog entries 🙂 If you ever decide to visit Montreal and try one of these restaurants, please comment on one of my posts and let me know what you think! 




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