The last line in this title is totally cheating, but if you didn’t know- Baltimore calls itself Charm City. So there you go. I am great at rhyming. Do not question it. Moving on. Here are some little updates!

After I alerted the media, procured 10,000 cans of soup, cancelled all my Baltimore-touring plans and went off-grid, I went to the oral surgeon about that dental emergency I was talking about in one of my previous posts. They evaluated my mouth and my incredibly busy schedule and told me that I do not have to have my wisdom teeth removed! (The featured image of me eating some amazing ice cream by FoMu is a representation of my joy about this) Of course, I was overjoyed at first, but then I realized that I’ve completely messed up my schedule for this and now I have to eat a lot more soup than I care to. Also, I’ll still be in quite a bit of pain until June when I go back and get the surgery when I’m not too busy. But that’s all worth being able to keep traveling safely! Oh, and speaking of traveling safely…

I got my last travel vaccination today and my left arm is very sad! I know it was really good to get the typhoid shot and everything, but I am not happy about not being able to lift a spoon. How am I going to eat all my soup? Even though I’m complaining at the moment, I am going to briefly switch over to protective parent mode and remind all of you once and future travelers to get your recommended vaccinations! It’s important! You can find lists on the NHS’s website and the CDC’s website, depending on who you feel like using. I cross-referenced because I really enjoy research. Shh. Don’t tell my professors I said that.

My false alarm and the fact that I am DONE with all the doctor’s visits and practical trip-prep means that I am now free to reschedule a trip to Baltimore city! I am so excited. Part of my homeschooled days included incredibly frequent trips to the Baltimore Museum of Art, so I really got to know that place like the back of my hand, birthmarks and all (this is only funny if you know me. So sorry.), and I’m really excited to show Ross around. I mean, it’s been ten years since that was a part of my weekly schedule, so I’m sure that we’ll get lost a lot, but that’s what Google maps is for. I’m not just hoping to go to museums while we’re in Charm City, mind you. There’s a vegan Soul Food restaurant there that I have only ever heard wonderful things about and I would love to try it out. Ross is also particularly interested in Soul Food because it’s not very accessible or in demand in the UK. No worries, Ross, we’re headed south pretty soon and you can have all the Soul Food your heart desires. But first, we will head north once more to the great state of New York!

Stay tuned, (Would it make more sense in this internet age to say “stay refreshed”? Let me know if that makes sense. I’d like to use it for its double-meaning. Comment!)

  1. Cara Schrock 8 years ago

    If you do make it to Baltimore, let me know, I’m happy to give you my list of vegan-friendly places to eat while here!

  2. Shannon 8 years ago

    I’m so glad to hear about you not having to get your wisdom teeth out! I’m also excited to hear about your trip to Baltimore, I hope you have the best time!

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