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Berlin, Veganism and the Coronavirus

Upon returning from a recent trip to Berlin we looked forward to writing a blog post about this thought-provoking city and our vegan culinary adventures. Alas, it was mid-March, and within a few days our world had changed drastically – […]

Explore Munich and Bavaria

Located in the German Free State of Bavaria, Munich is the state’s capital and center for its arts and political climate. Its name is derived from Munchen, or Munichen in Old/Middle High German, which means “Home of the Monks”, because […]

Staying Healthy While Travelling: Berlin

I prefer eating healthy food and during my travels I try to eat as healthy as possible. For sure I also eat some junk food and sweets but the best I feel is when I eat fresh meals. Berlin is […]

How to Visit Europe in a Weekend

Many people dream of long weeks, or even months, backpacking around Europe.  Sadly, that is not a possibility for many people.  As someone with a full time job and a travel addiction, balancing the two is a challenge; I squeeze […]

A day in Berlin

Some consider Berlin to be the vegan Mecca of Europe. And for good reason. This is the city that made me vegan. 3 years later, I’m happy to see it flourish. Vegan restaurants pop up everywhere. And so, I want […]

Hostel Bag Raid: Problem Solved

The worst backpackers nightmare came true for myself and Marissa, and we were only a month and a half in to our six-month journey. When we leave our hostel with our belongings locked in our bags, one of the worst […]

Enjoying Vegan Paradise in Berlin

Originally Cody and I were supposed to be in Croatia from August 18th to the 23rd, but as soon as we heard that the largest vegan fest in Europe was happening in Berlin, we immediately re-arranged our itinerary to be […]

Vegan Tours in Berlin

We met Maja at the Berlin Vegan meet up organized by VeganTravel. Maja is the creator of Vegan Tours Berlin. We didn’t have a lot of time to spend in Berlin, and we also wanted to learn a little bit […]

Spending the Day with Deutsches Tierschutzbüro

Deutsches Tierschutzbüro is an animal rescue organization based in Berlin, Germany that focuses on exposing the cruelties of factory farming through undercover documentation, campaigning for the end of factory farming, and promoting veganism. Cody and I were invited by Deutsches […]

Vegan in Berlin: Best vegan restaurants

Berlin is by far the city with the most vegan offerings and possibilities. Vegan restaurants, cafes, you can find even a vegan beer garden and vegan takeaway. Worldwide it’s already known as THE vegetarian and most nutritionally aware city in […]

Best of Berlin: Top 8 Vegan Eateries in Neukölln

Deciding where to go out to eat in Berlin can almost be daunting as there are so many options spread out over the entire city (which is quite big, I must say). Therefore, I decided to focus on just one […]

Vegan in Poznan, Poland (Take A Day Trip From Berlin, Germany)

I had the pleasure of taking a VERY short trip to Poznań, Poland recently and was surprised by the number of fully-vegan and vegan-friendly eateries! The trip was somewhat last minute but the great thing about being in Berlin is […]

Munich Mediterranean

Hey, Vegan Travellers! Ross and I just spent a couple of wonderful days in Munich, Germany! Spending a few days in Munich was not on our original itinerary, though. We thought we would spend some time somewhere fun in Switzerland […]

Germany Vegan Travel Videos

Vegan Dining in Germany

La Stella Nera

La Stella Nera is a collective-run all-vegan pizzeria in Berlin, Germany (neighborhood of Neukölln); featuring traditionally-made neapolitan pizza from the wood-fired oven, fresh salads, homemade pasta, olive oils for dipping, and incredible desserts.

Zur Pfaffschenke

Small German cafe/restaurant with an entirely separate vegan menu!

Café Vux

Indulge yourselves with our vegan /plant-based cakes, snacks or drinks – for example, try our chocochili-tarte, coconut-lime-“cheeze”cake or lavender-cassis-cream-cake – or on our savory snacks such as Bagel “Smoky Habanero” or “Seitan Limao”, or have a Quiche, a Tomato-Coconut-Apple-Soup and […]

Let It Be

LET IT BE – Vegane Crêperie, Burger & BAR! ALLE GERICHTE SIND 100% VEGAN!! Montag geschlossen Dienstag bis Freitag von 15 bis 22 Uhr Samstag und Sonntag von 13 bis 22 Uhr.

Brammibal’s Donuts

We love making vegan donuts (the fried type) with only natural ingredients. We prefer using homemade toppings and glazings, so nearly everything is DIY! Now serving bagels, waffles, and other great breakfast items to enjoy alongside your donuts, all 100% […]

playing with eels

Playing with eels is a vegan cafe and bookshop in Kreuzberg. They offer a vegan brunch on Saturdays for 13 Euro, which includes a wide variety of sweet and savory options. Wifi is also available at this bookstore/cafe.

The Bowl

The Bowl is a plant based clean-eating-restaurant in Berlin. We offer different variations from breakfast to dinner. There is also a special Lunch Deal from 12.00 to 3 pm (except weekends). Each menu is served in a bowl. We don’t […]

Erbils Orient Lounge

Erbils Orient Lounge offers Mediterranean classics such as falafel and donner kebab, entirely vegan.


Pêle-Mêle – the vegan café in Berlin-Neukölln The name Pêle-Mêle is French and stands for “messed up” or “mixed,” For us this means a clash of different cultural influences and culinary preferences, from which something new emerges in creative ways. […]

Chaostheorie Berlin

Chaostheorie is Berlin’s first 100% Vegan Cafe & Cocktail bar VEGANS COCKTAILS: They have many classics, but also a lot of self-made drinks. Creamy, fresh, experimental, with crazy much or even complete without liquor. From indecent to innocent, everything is there. FANTASTIC HOT DRINKS: […]

Vegefarm Restaurant

We provide the ability to consciously eat healthy and extremely tasty: exclusively vegetarian / vegan dishes, according to the hotel’s own concept according to traditional Chinese medicine ( TCM ) prepared, whether regional and seasonal as well as in the […]

Sfizy Veg

All-vegan late night pizzeria in Neukölln – Berlin Germany, Sfizy Veg is the first vegan pizzeria in Europe. We stand by our political engagement, animal rights and environmental awareness, and have created this wonderful place where we have more than 200 different […]

Koffie Engel

At Koffie Engel in Berlin, we’re offering intense coffee roasted by our neighbours, freshly made sandwiches of all kinds, waffles and other goodies – all of these foods are vegan and can be prepared as a takeaway meal. In addition […]

Charlie’s Vegan Food & Coffee

Vegan homemade food & drinks. Menu includes coffee, breakfast, soups, mains, cake and dessert. FREE WIFI available!

Goodies Berlin

Goodies Berlin is a 100% vegan cafe serving up coffee, sandwiches, salads, and delicious baked goods.

Gratitude Restaurant

Gratitude Restaurant in Munich strives to create the best that vegan cuisine has to offer. We bring your taste buds back to the essence of the best herbal products. For our meals we choose ingredients that are honest, natural, and […]

Prinz Myshkin

Vegetarian restaurant & café in Munich serving international delicacies. Vegan options at Prinz Myshkin are available on a separate menu.

Bodhi Vegan Bar/Restaurant

Bodhi is a vegan bar and restaurant in Munich servinga selection of sandwiches and entrees, desserts, and beer and cocktails. Indoor and outdoor seating is available.

Café Daddy Longlegs

Café Daddy Longlegs in Munich creates acaí bowls, quinoa bowls, smoothies, cakes & coffee. Vegan options are available for both the bowls and some of the baked sweets (clearly labeled). Acai bowls can be topped with your choices of fruits […]

Man Versus Machine

3rd Wave coffee shop and independent coffee roaster in Munich, Germany. Stylized shop with indoor and outdoor seating, and friendly staff.

Tushita Teehaus

Tushita Teehaus is a small tea shop and cafe in Munich that also serves a selection of sweet and savory baked goods and a small daily menu of breakfast, lunch and dinner options. Their teas are certified organic and fair […]

Royal Veggie Döner/Royal-Kebabhaus

Small, deli-style restaurant in Munich serving vegan and vegetarian Turkish dishes, including vegan döner. Primarily a vegan/vegetarian focused restaurant, but be aware that they do serve meat.

cafecafe – Cologne

cafecafe is a vegan-friendly cafe in Cologne, Germany that specializes in breakfast, coffee, juice, and sandwiches. It’s great for acai bowls and juice!

Signor Verde

The very first completely vegan restaurant to open in Cologne, more than eight years ago, Signor Verde is a gorgeous establishment with vegan comfort foods like döner, burgers, fried foods, ice cream, and more. They offer daily specials and are […]

Trash Chic

Trash Chic is a hipster-esque, vegan-friendly bar in Cologne, Germany. They’ve got burgers, french fries, and the like. It’s vegetarian and vegan, and of course they’ve got a wide beer and liquor selection.

Sol – Konstanz

Delicious and healthy food is valuable to the people and should be easy and available daily. Therefore, our food and drinks are 100% vegan *, homemade and made from the best, if possible, regionally oriented manufactured food. Our bread and […]

Café Treibholz

Café Treibholz – a 100% vegan minimalist cafe in Berlin.

leuchtstoff – Kaffeebar

leuchtstoff – Kaffeebar is a Keep it simple 3rd wave coffee shop Berlin/Neukölln with free wifi We also sell coffee beans and brewing equipment (Aeropress / Kalita)


With our new Kreuzberg team, we bring the atmosphere, the smell of Kreuzberg to Berlin. Serves a vegan breakfast every day until 3pm as well as vegan desserts.


Cafe in Berlin with wifi, coffee and vegan options including cake

Fräulein Wild

Patries baked everyday with options for vegans and lactose/gluten allergies. About 1/4 of the baked goods on any given day are vegan.

no milk today

A 100% vegan cafe serving breakfast, lunch, snacks, smoothies and cakes, with some gluten free options

CLOSED: Ohlala

Berlin vegan SECRET Ohlala is a french Restaurant, Cafe and surely the best Pastry shop in Berlin. Never tried our Pastries or Brunch yet? Then you know nothing about VEGAN We have a wide-range of GLUTEN-FREE products. You can Eat […]

Sun Day Burgers

The Sun Day Burger, our signature product since five years, consists of a whole wheat bun, tofu steak marinated in soy sauce, lettuce, tomato, beet root, cucumber, sprouts, and topped off with a smoked chipotle chili and/or mango chutney and/or […]


Spot serving vegan döner, organic fries, seitan nuggets and a variety of drinks.

Paletas Berlin

Our popsicles are handmade from real fruit. At Paletas Berlin, we create icy delights in exciting flavors from seasonal fruits in the region. We do not use anything artificial: neither coloring or preservatives, nor flavor enhancers or flavorings. Our paletas […]

Frau Honig

Cafe offering vegan options including coffee, pastries, sandwiches and more.

Die Rebellion des Zimtsterns

Die Rebellion des Zimsterns in Berlin is purely vegetarian and partially vegan. WE USE predominately regional, seasonal and biological ingredients with non iodized salt in consideration for iodine sensitive people. WE DON’T USE any form of additive, flavour enhancer, artificial aroma […]

Lucky Leek

Lucky Leek in Berlin is a unique and award-winning vegan fine dining experience. Reservations are recommended.

Soy Vietnamese Berlin

Soy is a vegan* Vietnamese restaurant in Berlin. Soy means and is used mainly for the production of tofu. More and more people have now acquired a taste for this wonderful, versatile alternative to meat and for those who have […]

CLOSED: Dandy Diner

Dandy Diner is a fast food vegan restaurant located in Berlin (neighborhood of Neukölln). Dandy Diner serves nutrient concentrated sandwiches, burgers, salads, sweets and cakes in a 40-seat light filled space in Berlins Neukölln neighborhood. Our menu is strictly vegan, […]

Kiez Vegan

Kiez Vegan is a Turkish cafe in Berlin that offers breakfast and lunch specials, salads, and other prepared foods.


Since march 2012 you can find freckles in Berlin-Kreuzberg, right in Bergmannkiez. Freckles is a small charming café, with daily homemade treats, sweet and savory options and more. There is always something new to try! We consider it important that […]

Die Leckereienfabrik

Die Leckereienfabrik is a 100% vegan cafe in Berlin that serves ice cream, raw dishes, and other sweets and goodies. Their menu changes weekly.

vego Foodworld

Organic fast food Restaurant in Berlin! Yummy Burgers, Pizza, Wraps, Fries and so much more!

Sahara Imbiss – Sudanesische Spezialitäten

A Sudanese restaurant in the Neukölln neighbourhood of Berlin. This restaurant has 2 vegan options on the menu, including a falafel plate with magali and sweet potatoes.

Gelateria Mos Eisley

Besides classic flavors like Vanilla, Chocolate, Pistachio or Stracciatella you will find lots of vegan fruit sorbets (try Pineapple & Basil or Grapefruit & Tarragon), various vegan gelati with soy milk, and boozy alcoholic flavors like Whisky & Dark Chocolate […]

Papaya Thai Cuisine – Friedrichshain

Papaya is a chain of omnivore thai food restaurants in Berlin, Germany.

Kopps – Veganes Restaurant & Bar

Kopps is a vegan fine dining experience in the Mitte neighborhood in Berlin, Germany. Patrons can expect a unique, high-quality, and expertly presented plant-based meal. In addition to dinner, Kopps is open for brunch on Saturdays and Sundays. Reservations are […]

Yoyo Foodworld

Yoyo Foodworld is a 100% vegan fast food restaurant in the Friedrichshain neighborhood of Berlin. They serve curry wurst, schnitzel, seitan burgers, fresh cut fries, and desserts.


CocoLiebe is a space in Berlin offering natural food, gluten free meals, green juice, good coffee and old school music. Vegan options like the sushi burger and hummus and avocado pizza are sure to delight!


Cafe in Berlin serving options like porridge, coffee, salads and more.

Kontor Eismanufaktur Berlin

100% vegan sweets shop in Berlin, specializing in ice cream and other treats free of artificial colorings, flavorings, additives or emulsifiers.


tigertoertchen is a cafe and bakery in Nikolaiviertel (adjacent to the Red Town Hall) in Berlin. They have a selection of vegan cupcakes available, as well as some allergen-friendly sweets. In addition to cupcakes, they make items such as cake-pops, […]

Cupcake Berlin – Friedrichshain

Since 2007, Cupcake Berlin has been serving up fresh baked cupcakes, pies, cheesecakes, banana bread and brownies. Vegan and Gluten Free options available.

Viasko Berlin

Viasko is a 100% vegan restaurant/pub in Berlin with an a la carte dinner menu throughout the week, and a vegan brunch buffet offered on Saturdays and Sundays. Reservations are recommended.

IceDate – Vegan Organic Ice Cream

IceDate is a 100% vegan ice cream shop in the Maxvorstadt neighborhood of Munich. At IceDate, daily selections are made with dates instead of sugar, cashews instead of milk, and fruits or other natural ingredients instead of artificial flavorings (for […]

Black Sheep

All vegan Cafe on the border between Kreuzberg & Alt-Treptow Serving specialty coffee from The Barn & Passenger. Home of Berlin Kombucha Society.

Gecobli – Gourmet Gelateria

Gecobli is gelato shop in Munich with a focus on fine interior design, and even finer ingredients. In addition to gelato, they serve refreshing varieties of sorbet, all of which are 100% vegan and clearly labeled. They also serve espresso-based […]

Max Pett – Das vegane Restaurant

Max Pett is a vegan restaurant in Munich, Germany, offering a variety of dishes and rotating specials. Entrees include burgers, soy medallions, lasagna, and more. Breakfast items include tofu omelettes and raw options.

My Indigo – Stachus, Munich

My Indigo is healthy, versatile and ideal for those who have little time, but who want to eat consciously and with high quality. Inspired by influences from around the world, we offer a wide range of creative sushi, fresh salads, […]

Momiji Takoyaki

Momiji is a Japanese restaurant in Berlin that specializes in the preparation of Takoyaki, which is prepared in cast iron molds in front of the guests’ eyes. Momiji offers several vegan options for guests to choose from, all of which […]

Emma Pea Vegetarian Food & Bar

Emma Pea is a Berlin street food restaurant and bar with rotating daily specials, right near the RAW Flohmarkt. On the menu, guests will often find soups, burgers, hearty pasta dishes, and other vegan favorites.


AtayaCaffe’s Story Ataya is Senegalese tea. But it is much more than a drink: it is a way of meeting, of being together – a shared moment. A daily ritual best performed in the shade of a giant tree. Ataya can last […]

Zen – Bremen

Modern Japanese cuisine for your culinary wanderlust. A bit of Tokyo in the city center of Bremen. Regional, seasonal, simply delicious!

Vengo die Gemüseküche

Vengo is  restaurant in Bremen that offers daily soups, pasta dishes, fresh juices and a variety of antipasti. A predominantly vegan menu, but does offer cow’s milk and cheese for omnivores, so be sure to specify vegan when ordering.

Aloha Warnemünde

Originales Hawaiian Shave Ice fruchtig, erfrischend & vegan dazu tropische Snacks und Naschereien

Activities in Germany

Dr. Pogo Veganladen-Kollektiv

A 100% vegan grocery store in Neukölln (Berlin, Germany) run by a local, vegan collective.

Veganz Berlin-Friedrichshain

Veganz is a chain of 100% vegan grocery stores in Europe. The Berlin-Friedrichshain store is the headquarters location for Veganz and includes an in-store bistro, Goodies, providing salads, sandwiches, baked goods, cakes, and coffee drinks, as well as all-vegan eatery, The […]

Vegan Tours Berlin

The Vegan Tour Berlin combines a city tour and a culinary tour. You will experience the best vegan cafes/restaurants and get to see where you can find vegan food from around the world. And in addition to that you will […]

Turkish Market in Berlin Neukölln

At the Turkish Market in the Neukölln neighborhood of Berlin, you’ll find colorful vegetables, Turkish specialties, and more!


avesu was founded in 2010 in Berlin to offer an alternative. Great, vegan and sustainable shoes from international manufacturers. We are sure that you have been waiting for exactly that. Whether stylish peep-toes, walking shoes, running shoes, business shoes or […]

East Side Gallery Berlin

The East Side Gallery in Berlin is a 1.3 km section of the Berlin Wall painted in 1990.


Veganista is a small but fine vegan store in Munich: shoes, fashion, accessories and a mini-cafe. Everything there is is not only pretty and delicious, but also vegan, fair trade and organic as far as possible. Nice for us, nice […]

DearGoods – Glockenbach

DearGoods is a brick & mortar and online retail shop with locations in Munich and Berlin. They sell 100% vegan, fair trade, and organic lifestyle and home products, clothing, shoes, accessories, etc.

Veganz – Hamburg

Veganz is a chain of 100% vegan grocery stores in Europe. The Hamburg store is located in the traditional Phoenixcourt in Hamburg-Bahrenfeld, and includes an in-store bistro, Goodies, providing salads, sandwiches, baked goods, cakes, and coffee drinks. Special services in this […]

Veganz – Essen

Veganz is a chain of 100% vegan grocery stores in Europe. The Essen store is located in the central area between downtown and the campus of University Essen-Duisburg. Special services in this store include: Veganz ice cream machine for hire for […]

The videos and blogs on this page were contributed by members of our vegan community who recently traveled to Europe and graciously shared their travel experiences. Follow your fellow vegan travelers as they explore Germany compassionately, meet local vegans and other vegan travelers, and share the amazing vegan food they find during their travels! They share the sites they visited, the places they stayed at, vegan shops they found, and the sites and activities they enjoyed during their time in Germany. Some also visit animal sanctuaries in the countries they travel to and kindly share the stories of the animals they meet. Join our vegan community and share your travel adventures with our global vegan community and collectively we can show the world how easy it is to be vegan and travel compassionately.

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    There is a new vegan Ice cream shop with original hawaiian shave ice in Rostock / Warnemünde at the baltic sea. We also have some sweet treats and some snacks. Everythings vegan and some even without sugar

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