Hey! Hola again, last time I said that I was going to talk a little bit more about veganism in Costa Rica and I also mentioned something about the farmers market, so here we go.

Well, vegans in Costa Rica, what can I tell you? We are not too many, but we can be loud sometimes…

(That was like 2 years ago, we were protesting that day against the Zoo, it’s still working, even if you’ve heard that Costa Rica it’s closing the Zoos, it’s not totally truth. This year there’s going to be a new protest)

Vegan Fairs

Ok, so we are not too much, but we are hungry always and we like to eat (a lot!), so once a month or every two month sometimes, there is place for a “Feria Vegana” or Vegan Fair, these fairs are not too big but you can find food, vegan products, and hungry and happy vegans, vegetarians, and one or two curios in the small crowd.




Normally, the fairs are organized on Sundays, this was celebrated in a veggie friendly sushi place in Tibás, in San José. This activities are made by two reasons, first to provided vegans, food (it’s really REALLY! good) and other products for cooking, hygiene, etc. and the other one, to try to call the attention of non vegans and show them a little bit about the vegan lifestyle.

If you come to San José someday, maybe you’ll be lucky and you can catch up with one of these activities.  🙂

And a one of the most important things..

My favorite! The best vegan desserts in the world!!


Check it out!

Farmers Market

Ok basically I can condense what is a Costa Rican farmers market for me in 6 points:

  1. Every Saturday
  2. Cheap
  3. Avocados
  4. Coconut water
  5. Friendly Farmers
  6. More avocados


Ok now I really promise that in my next post you will find something about traveling and veganism combined or whatever, here in Costa Rica  :p

Pura Vida!



  1. Ally 5 years ago

    Hello, Thanks for all the info. We plan to visit in DEC of 2020. Will totally check out some of your suggestions.

  2. Jenn 8 years ago

    Mmmmmmm avocados!!!!! If I go Costa Rica, hopefully it’s over a time when there’s a vegan fair!!

  3. Michelle 8 years ago

    The avocados look amazing! If I go to Costa Rica, it looks like the farmers market will be my first stop, with that great looking vegan fair as my second 🙂 It sounds like you have a really nice vegan community going there.

    • Author

      Hola Michelle, yeah your welcome any time, if you come please don’t hesitate to write me. Farmers Market totally recommended.. Pura Vida 🙂

      • Michelle 8 years ago

        Muchos gracias, I’m coming to S. America in the spring so i very well might pop over to Costa Rica 🙂

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