Vegan Joyride Philippines

Being invited to a trip where we would be visiting some well talked about vegan restaurants south of Manila, and while doing so we would also be going to Bantakay falls, thinking of the good food we would be having and the fun that the ride would be, I said yes.

Waking up around 0230hrs to fix my things for the trip (i was having second thoughts because of the rains we were having) and got a ride heading for our meet-up point in Caltex station along Buendia, by 0515, we left Makati to pick up other friends along the way. We then arrived at The Real Happy Cow to pick up our packed breakfast consisting of Vegan Humba with a side of roasted vegetables topped with 5-spice aioli and a generous portion of turmeric brown rice. Dessert is Passionfruit loaf packed in a sugar cane fiber containers to lessen out trash, by 0615hrs we left Alabang heading south.

We met up the other van at Sto Tomas area, passing through Ibaan heading for Lucena, with a short stop over along the way to relieve our bladders.

Arriving at Lucena, we headed for Reasons, where we would be eating our lunch, having the whole place for us, we chatted around while waiting for the food and when lunch was served, we had a feast. Lunch was Pancit Habhab, Eggplant and Tofu, Sinugno (which is prepared like pinangat) and Quezodilla. We were have a great time at reasons that by the time we left it was past 1200hrs

Traveling to Atimonan, Quezon for the Bantakay falls and started the trek to the fall around 1445hrs

With the rains the previous days and in the morning, the trails were a bit slippery and were all sliding and slipping along the trail, passing a spot in which they prepare copra, here we had a taste of the coconut water and some coconut sprouts to eat, upon reaching the falls was a relief with the cold fresh water on your feet and body to refresh you aching body, after a while (with some good shots taken) we started to head back to the trail head because it was getting dark and by 1900hrs we arrived at the trail head one by one untill all members were accounted for, having cleaned up and refreshed, we headed our way to Los Baños by 2000hr, passing though Tayabas, Lucban, Luisiana, Pagsanjan.

Arriving at Satya Graha Cafe and Restaurant, around 2200hrs, and was so hungry that we were all sitted sipping a good serving of soup and when dinner arrived, we had a feast again, our dinner consisted of Pata roll Paksiw, Bbq, Vegchon and a refreshing cold drink of lemon grass tea, after dinner, we headed back to Manila to be dropped off at our meeting place,

They say if you like eating and would like to taste great food, you will travel far to taste that food, this is what vegans do.

Thanks to all who joined this trip, meeting new friends, for the fun and joy and specially the great food, till next joy ride

Manila Vegans
Vegans of Manila


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