24 Hours Vegan in Copenhagen!

Vegan Travelers Marissa and Shae (@lifestylewithme and @heyshae) go on a walking tour and find as many vegan places to eat during their 24 hours in Copenhagen!

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  1. Jen & Kris 5 years ago

    Firstly, super cute video you made from our home town of Copenhagen.

    Secondly we just wanted to let future visitors know that Organic Boho has switched location to Christianshavn (across from the metro stop) and Copenhagen Street Food (Papirøen) has closed down for good. Luckily a new similar concept has opened up further out of Refshaleøen called Reffen Street Food. This is all outdoor though, so bring suitable clothes depending on the weather. It gets chilly in the evenings, even during summer time. 🙂

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