Vegan Travel Blogs by Gen and Ror

Ror and Gen's Vegan Travels

Gen and Ror are off on their travels again, following a 10 month trip back in 2011…but this time it’s vegan. Gen hasn’t eaten meat since 2001 and has been vegan for a total of 9 years. After 3 years of vegetarianism starting in 2014, Ror has now become vegan. Their reasons are simple; for the planet, for the people, for the animals. And it’s not just food; they try to keep vegan in as many aspects of their lives as possible, from belts to booze, from toiletries to travel.

On their vegan food and travel blog (Travelling with a Vegan) and their Instagram account @travellingwithavegan they document their vegan travel attempts, bringing you the ups and downs, the successes and failures. Gen and Ror hope that not only will their documented trials and tribulations help others plan and prepare for their vegan trips, but that they will be able to build up a supportive vegan travelling community and join in with the ever growing and expanding vegan world.

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