MiLisa in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

To celebrate the ringing in of 2018, my companion and I traveled to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Neither of us had been to the ocean town, but were looking forward to warmer temps and break from  snowy weather. The city felt a bit abandoned as it was the off-season. Myrtle Beach reads as one large theme park complete with rides, miniature golf, corporate-chain restaurants and stores, and gimmicky surf shops. If a movie production studio built an ocean town Myrtle Beach would be the result. Now, with this immediate perception, I planned to seek out the unique places and since I wanted to find vegan options that was already a part of the plan. I definitely enjoyed the sunshine and another adventurous road trip with my companion.

Please enjoy the video recap of my meals and the view.

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Bay Naturals is comparable to Whole Foods with an organic product line complete with kitchen/restaurant.

Kindbelly was geared more towards vegetarians. I only saw two vegan food options.

I also had dinner at The Grumpy Monk, although not clear by the name, the sports bar offered a ‘vegan steak’; Portbello Mushroom in a vinaigrette paired asparagus. (not featured in the video)

As always happy eating!


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