New Zealand Vegan Dining

We vegans love exploring new vegan restaurants, especially when we are traveling. And these days, no matter where we travel there are amazing vegan dining options to choose from. This page shows some of the best vegan and vegan-friendly dining options contributed by members of our VeganTravel community. These eateries range from vegan fine dining restaurants to fast food takeout and smoothie bars. The vegan dining listings shown on this page were contributed, rated, and reviewed by your fellow vegans. We accept no advertising. Our goal is to provide a platform that truly respects and mirrors our collective vegan opinions and perspectives. As our global vegan community adds additional dining listings, and as we review and rate our favorites, the resulting listings will continually, and more accurately, reflect our global vegan dining preferences. Please consider reviewing and rating the eateries on this page so our vegan community can learn from your dining experiences. And if you know of any vegan eateries we missed, please consider adding them to our site.

Vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants and dining options in New Zealand

    • MECfacade

    Middle East Cafe

    • 12108271_721313484639803_8513726631510318425_n

    Hectors Restaurant, Heritage Auckland Hotel

    • giapo


    • Screen-Shot-2016-10-18-at-12.03.35-PM

    Hectors Restaurant, Heritage Auckland Hotel

    • 1483952_691363690897463_1450643647_o

    Sunflower Thai Vegetarian Restaurant

    • 10454379_790974787589078_8028120712667628471_n

    Revel Cafe

    • 10570457_699955710097701_8121840578176681531_n

    Il Buco

    • gallery-53-lrg

    The Blue Bird vegetarian café

    • 11402747_1079168038778558_7375136294695834072_o

    Colestown Chocolates

    • 1912408_616335545088467_144321021_o

    Lalele Organic

    • Wise-Cicada-3

    Wise Cicada Cafe

    • 11214705_971388749587588_3724649154168912318_n

    Tart Bakery

    • 12631287_1058303684191705_7086127697787928806_n

    Little bird organics & The Unbakery

    • 11025190_10155315180400451_6225388364005704046_n


    • Kokako-Organic-Coffee-Auckland

    Kokako Organic Coffee

    • 12141921_178365045838121_611347508_n

    Little Bird Unbakery

    • 11076816_1624421087791010_2624632219037366739_o

    Mondays Wholefoods

    • Rasoi-Vegetarian

    Rasoi Vegetarian Restaurant

    • 10440816_489726907848661_7585388869594329578_n


    • Lord-of-the-Fries-Auck-2

    Lord of the Fries – Auckland, NZ

    • 12039712_1692197524346699_6688997806334851649_n


    • The-Raw-Kitchen-2

    The Raw Kitchen

    • Dear-Jervois

    Dear Jervois

    • 1529739_972677452772544_5163134492088901669_o

    RAD Mt. Eden

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