Vegan Travel Blogs by Edit Horvath

Edit Horvath's Vegan TravelsEdit had vegetarians around her, but she hadn’t thought about leaving meat behind. Then when she started yoga and learnt about the principals of it, especially non-harming, she started thinking about changing her lifestyle. She was a happy “ethical vegetarian” for 2 years till she saw the movie: Earthlings, and realised there is not such thing. She have been a big foodie all her life and never thought there is life after cheese, but after watching this documentary she never looked back and never felt better. Veganism has changed her life, changed the way she think about the whole world. For the better. She is launching her new website VeganOrigo, in any time now. You can follow Edit on Instagram @almacseresznye, Facebook @almacseresznye or read her blog

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