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Vegan Journey

5 years, 10 months ago

My Vegan Journey

After being a vegetarian for 3 years–a switch I made on my birthday–I decided to go a step further. I learned more and more about the food industry and started to understand that still consuming dairy was contributing to a lot of needless suffering of animals. When I first went vegan I was overwhelmed, but also excited as I learned new recipes and products I could find in stores that were vegan-friendly. I didn’t really go out to eat much because there weren’t a lot of options near us, but now I am constantly blown away by the new vegan spots opening up all over the world. Honestly, it’s an incredible time to be vegan and I feel so great about this way of life that I have no intention of ever going back!

Countries I've Been To
I've Been To

Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Scotland, Sweden, United States

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Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Japan, China, Thailand