Vegans Around the World Contest Winners

Vegans Around the World Contest
Follow along with VeganTravel’s 2016 / 2017 Vegans Around the World Contest winners as they share their travel adventures and help us promote compassion.

We announced our 2016 Vegan Around the World Contest winners on April 15th 2016. The winning teams were selected based on the total number of votes they received for their video submissions along with their demonstrated passion for promoting ethical veganism and compassion for animals (based on votes from by a panel of 10 ethical-vegan judges we had put together for this purpose).

All of the teams who entered the contest were extremely gifted and compassionate. And we are so grateful to all of them for their contributions. So much so, that instead of selecting a single winning team as we had originally intended, we decided to give the winning prize to the three teams below. You can enjoy the contest video submissions for all teams are on the following page:

Congratulations to our 2016 / 2017 Vegans Around the World Contest Winners!!!
Follow along as they travel the world sharing their vegan travel adventures, meeting fellow vegans, and promoting compassionate veganism.

Below are the details from our 2016 Vegan Around the World Contest

Why are we giving away free trips Around the World?
To help us promote veganism and educate people on the issues animals are facing around the globe.

View our current video submissions. And please vote and comment for your favorites.

Following are some of the vegan experiences our Around-the-World contest winners will be sharing:

  • Stories of the animals they encounter in the sanctuaries, shelters, and animal care facilities in every country they visit
  • The vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants they dine at along the way
  • Which vegan snacks, clothing, and travel gear they take with them
  • Their experience with getting good quality vegan food on the airlines and other forms of transportation they use
  • The vegan options offered by any hotels or accommodations they stay in
  • The quality of the produce each country has to offer and how vegan friendly each city’s grocery stores are
  • The vegan societies, vegan groups, and compassionate individuals they meet in each country
  • Sightseeing footage. Travel jewels – beautiful beaches, natural wonders, historic sites
  • Footage of activities they enjoy doing in the countries / cities they visit
  • Video interviews with sanctuary staff sharing the issues the animals they care for are facing, and what their facility is doing to help

Winners will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Quality of your submission video (25%)
    • Originality
    • Joyfulness
    • Ability to be engaging while on camera
    • Knowledge of local vegan stores and dining options
    • Knowledge of local things to do and sightseeing tips
    • The ratings/likes and comments your video receives on
    • The ratings/likes and comments you receive for your submission video on YouTube or Vimeo
  • Your demonstrated passion for being ethical vegans (25%)
  • Your overall communication skills (social media and/or blogging experience are a plus) (25%)
  • Your desire to document and share your travel experiences (25%)

VeganTravel enthusiastically welcomes travelers of any country of origin, relationship status, race, color, education level, religion or lack of religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical ability/disability, or age.

Create and share a Vegan Video Tour of the city you live in …

and enter for a chance to win this once-in-a-lifetime adventure – a Vegan Around the World Trip for Two!

Help your fellow vegans by giving us a video tour of your home city (or home town)! In addition to providing an excellent resource for your fellow vegans considering a visit to your city, you will also be entered into one of our Vegan Around the World Trip for Two contests.

The premise of your vegan tour video should be as follows:

Some really good friends who you haven’t seen in a really long time are visiting the city or town you live in for the very first time. Your visiting friends are also vegan and you want them to have a really good time. So you decide to put together a cool video tour to show them some of your city’s favorite sights, and show them where all the best vegan or vegan friendly stores and restaurants are.

Both contestants should appear in the video. Videos will be judged on the following criteria: originality, joyfulness, how enticing and informative they are, and how well they are rated and reviewed on YouTube or Vimeo and by your fellow VeganTravel website visitors.

To enter our Vegan Around-the-World Trip contest:
Upload your submission video to YouTube or Vimeo, log into your VeganTravel account, and provide a link to your submission video along with a brief description in the Comment box below. If you are interested in participating in the contest, please also review our Contest Rules. Video submissions will be accepted from November 1st through March 31st, 2016 and winners will be announced on April 15th, 2016. You may upload as many Submissions as you like during the Contest Period.

  1. […] our entry for the’s contest! Here we show you the best spots in Los Angeles for vegan food and sightseeing! Hope you enjoy […]

  2. […] Los Angeles (If you haven’t checked it out yet, please do! It’s our submission to the contest.) Kelsey, the owner, offered to give me a complementary spray tan. So of course I had to say […]

  3. Shannon 2 years ago

    @savannahtripoli Hi Savannah, unfortunately that video seems to be marked as private. Did you still want to submit the video as part of the contest?

  4. Savannah Tripoli 2 years ago

    This is Jessie and Savannah with Cheesy Blonde Vegan here in Kauai, Hawaii Thanks for considering us to show you this awesome vegan world or ours.

  5. Shannon 2 years ago

    @zaccharybird Thanks for sharing your submission with us, and just in time! You can find it live on our site at

  6. Zacchary Bird 2 years ago

    Hi All!

    Megan Jackson and I found out about this competition only YESTERDAY, but this is both of our dreams come true so we worked all day and night and have our video submission ready to go (which meant we’re currently very full and tired)! Please see our tour of Melbourne, Australia here!

    We’re both passionate ethical vegans who already spend as much time as possible cooking, eating and bringing vegan food to the masses – me through my Instagram handle (@zaccharybird) and Megan through writing for a Melbourne culture magazine called GRAM after coming from a travel writing background in her pre-vegan days. We spend a lot of time together creating vegan recipes, and our combined passions for global culture and ethical living is what has made us such good friends in the first place. We’ve published a number of vegan recipes together, we spend every Christmas making a vegan feast as a team, and we think that we’re the perfect duo to represent the fantastically diverse vegans across the world that we’re lucky enough to meet each day.

    In our video, we show you how to make an acai bowl breakfast to kickstart your stay in Melbourne, followed by ONE FULL DAY of coffee, food, events and people across our city – we’ve fit in as much as we could in 24 hours and we haven’t covered a quarter of what Melbourne has to offer vegans!

    Our joint dream is to be able to travel the world more broadly, and showcase how ethical living has made an impact on a variety of cultures. We’re both making a huge effort to take our careers down an exclusively vegan path and make sure we’re living as consistently with our morals as possible. How fortuitous that we were to discover this competition just 2 days before the entries close! We hope you enjoy spending some time with us around our city, and we can’t wait to see yours, too!

  7. Shannon 2 years ago

    @michellecehn Thank you for the submission video! You can find it live on our site now at

  8. Michelle Cehn 2 years ago

    Hi everyone! Toni Okamoto and I are super passionate about creating videos to share all the amazing vegan gems this world has to offer, and we’re excited to enter this amazing contest! Here’s out entry video, taking you on a little tour of the best vegan restaurants in Berkeley, California. Enjoy!

    PS. If any of you head out to the Bay Area, definitely hit us up, we’d love to meet up and make video together! <3

    Michelle (& Toni)

  9. Shannon 2 years ago

    Thank you @cityloveee for your second submission! You can find the video live on our site now at

  10. […] our SECOND entry for the’s contest! Here we show you the best activities in Huntington Beach + where to find yummy vegan food! (All […]

  11. Christina 2 years ago

    Here is our second entry for the contest! Here we show you the best activities in Huntington Beach + where to find yummy vegan food! We hope you enjoy!

    – Christina & Keith

  12. Marissa Kai Miluk 2 years ago

    Decided we wanted to show you a little bit more about our hometowns!
    Hope you enjoy our second submission to supplement our first.
    Come visit anytime you please, you now know exactly what you’re in store for–festivals, vegan treats, and THE GREAT OUTDOORS

    Much Love,
    Marissa and Shae <3

  13. Margaret 2 years ago

    T-5 days until the contest deadline!! Hope everyone has a Happy Easter and as a treat enjoy our vegan travel video of our hometown Toronto !!
    ~Chris and Marg

  14. Marissa Kai Miluk 2 years ago

    Hello Vegan Travel!

    My best friend Shae (@heyshae) and I have our submission video ready for take off! It will be live on youtube at Noon EST and 9:00am PST.

    Shae and I were overjoyed to find the vegan travel site and contest in early March. We were trying to plan a trip to see each other after being separated for college but, unfortunately, the finances just weren’t lining up. Stumbling across this contest while exploring your website was truly a blessing in disguise!
    After vlogging a vegan cross country trip last summer and Shae traveling and sharing her adventures over the years, we are more than ready to become the full-time vegan youtubers and social media advocates we have dreamed of to further engulf ourselves in the vegan community and spread positivity about this lifestyle!

    Thank you for the opportunity! We had an amazing time working on this project together. If you liked us in the video, you’ll LOVE us when we’re together! 🙂
    Made us feel like we were finally reunited! ✈️

    We hope you enjoy!

    Much Love,
    Marissa and Shae

  15. Kristin Lajeunesse 2 years ago

    Hi Everyone! The last of our contest video submissions is here:

    Dear Contest Judges,

    In this submission video we took a step in a direction that’s new to us both: poetry. Neither well versed in the area—and were at first apprehensive about the outcome—but both invested in pushing our repertoire *and* comfort zones. 🙂

    We understand this video is outside of the contest rules for formal submissions, but we hope you’ll still enjoy another facet of our content for the your travel contest.

    We are **SO** incredibly grateful for the opportunity!

    Mandi ( @poniesunicorns ) & Kristin

    • Mandi 2 years ago

      Yes! Thanks a million times for the opportunity. Hope you enjoy our experimentation with poetry 😉

  16. Tanya & Robbie 2 years ago

    Hello there fellow vegan foodies and travelers and animal rights warriors 🙂 Myself and my friend Robbie have just uploaded our video of Vegan food adventures in Los Angeles.
    Hope you enjoy and happy eating and exploring to everyone in this wonderful community 🙂

    Here is our link 🙂

  17. Christina 2 years ago

    Happy to announce that our Vegan Around the World video featuring Los Angeles is published!

    Here we show you the best spots in Los Angeles for vegan food and sightseeing! Hope you enjoy & let us know where you’d want to visit in LA!

    – Christina & Keith (@city_loveee)

  18. Kristin Lajeunesse 2 years ago

    Contest video submission 3 of 4:

    Dear Contest Judges,

    In this submission video we talk about four common travel myths and the fears associated with them, in an effort to debunk them, and encourage everyone to follow their travel-inspired dreams.

    We understand this video is outside of the contest rules for formal submissions, but we hope you’ll still enjoy another facet to our proposed content for the your travel contest. 🙂

    Thank you for your time and consideration,
    Mandi & Kristin

  19. Cody Kuchirka 2 years ago

    Hey everyone!

    We are super excited to have finally finished our video for the Vegan Around the World contest.

    We present our Vegan food tour of Toronto, Ontario.

    Hope everyone enjoys and we are excited to be a part of this amazing opportunity.

    Cody and Giselle @mindfulwanderlust

  20. Kristin Lajeunesse 2 years ago

    Hi Everyone!

    Mandi ( @poniesunicorns ) and I have completed our second contest submission video. It’s a tour of Portland, Oregon! 🙂 Since we know that it would be (and was!) challenging to fit ALL of the vegan and vegan-related amazing-ness that is within Portland we also created a blog post to accompany it; to ensure we covered as much as possible.

    Please see our official contest video submission here:
    And our accompanying blog post here:

    Thank you so much for your consideration!!

    Kristin & Mandi

  21. Jordan Salcido 2 years ago

    Woo hoo! This is so exciting! We’re almost ready to share our video with everyone! 🙂

  22. dharishinee krishnan 2 years ago

    Ohh dream to come up with a programme about travel as since young i have doubts how would i survive being a vegetarian when i i wish i had a partner do this and win..????..all the best to everyone who is participating in this contest..

    • Shannon 2 years ago

      Hi Dharishinee, thanks for your comment. We do hope you get the chance to travel, and hopefully our site members and contest can help dispel any myths you have heard about traveling as a vegan 🙂

  23. Kristin Lajeunesse 2 years ago

    IT’S OFFICIAL! My friend Mandi and I are ready to enter the around-the-world contest! Weeee!!! 🙂

    Here is our statement to accompany this first (of what we anticipate being a total of four) submission video:

    Dear Contest Judges,

    Since we (Kristin and Mandi) are not in the same location at this time, we thought it would be fun to share with you a “get to know us” video, before our “home town tour” video, as per outlined in your contest rules.
    In this submission video you’ll learn a bit about where we hail from, when and why we each became vegan, and why this around-the-world trip opportunity is important to us.
    We understand this video is outside of the contest rules for formal submissions, but we hope you’ll still enjoy learning a bit about us as we prepare our next submission video. 🙂

    Thank you for your time and consideration,
    Kristin & Mandi


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