Austria Vegan Travel Guide

Austria Vegan Travel Guide

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Austria Vegan Travel Blogs

VEGAN EUROTRIP – Where to eat in Vienna

Stop number three on this crazy whirlwind of a trip landed us in Vienna – just a short (ish) train ride from Budapest. And if you remember from my last post, we were well equipped on that train ride with […]

Explore Vienna

While popular music can be admired anywhere, connoisseurs of the classical era would believe its appreciation routes to Vienna. It’s become known as an inventive place for music, and more so dreams. As the capital and prime metropolis of Austria, […]

How to Visit Europe in a Weekend

Many people dream of long weeks, or even months, backpacking around Europe.  Sadly, that is not a possibility for many people.  As someone with a full time job and a travel addiction, balancing the two is a challenge; I squeeze […]

Ellie’s Roundup – Europe!

Hey, Vegan Travellers! I know it’s been a while since you’ve read these beautiful words, but guess what? It is once again time for a famous Ellie Round-Up! “But Ellie!” you say, interrupting my blog quite rudely, “You’ve been in […]

A Land of Burgers and Ice-Cream

It’s difficult to believe that almost an entire third of our trip was spent in Asia. The two months there went by incredibly quickly. We only had three stops in the continent: Japan, South Korea, and Thailand. But we had […]

Vegan in Vienna

Hey, Vegan Travellers! This past week was a pretty great week for veganism and for travel. Ross and I are currently in Vienna, Austria where we are having a fantastic time. I was a little bit worried about transitioning back […]

Popular Activities in Austria


The Festspielhäuser is an opera house and performing arts venue in Salzburg that opened in 1960, and is home to the Salzburg Festival. Visitors who wish to explore the Festspielhäuser without attending an event or performance can take a guided […]

Maran Vegan

In our supermarket you’ll find more than 4,000 vegan products. Each week new products will be added. All are hand-picked and chosen for you. So you can buy everything you need for your vegan life – without having to think.

Muso Koroni Vegan Boutique

VEGAN. FAIR. ORGANIC. muso koroni is a vegan boutique, based in Austria. Offering the best stylish vegan, fair trade and ethical fashion for women & men, accessories, shoes and beauty products. All products are vegan and without animal-testing.

Veganz – Vienna

Veganz is a chain of 100% vegan grocery stores in Europe. The Vienna store is located in the 4th District – very close to the famous Naschmarkt. Special services in this store include: a regional and seasonal selection of produce from […]

The videos and blogs on this page were contributed by members of our vegan community who recently traveled to Europe and graciously shared their travel experiences. Follow your fellow vegan travelers as they explore Austria compassionately, meet local vegans and other vegan travelers, and share the amazing vegan food they find during their travels! They share the sites they visited, the places they stayed at, vegan shops they found, and the sites and activities they enjoyed during their time in Austria. Some also visit animal sanctuaries in the countries they travel to and kindly share the stories of the animals they meet. Join our vegan community and share your travel adventures with our global vegan community and collectively we can show the world how easy it is to be vegan and travel compassionately.

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