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Taipei Layover

On our way to China, we had a layover in Taiwan and were lucky to get on the Free Half Day Taipei Tour with the Taiwan Tourist Centre. You can book in advance if you are early, if not it […]

A bit of Taiwan’s hiking trails

I was probably the youngest on the bus. Around me were local seniors in their late 50s and above. But we all headed to one place: mountains. Taiwan might be thought as a country filled mostly with electronic factories, but […]

Non-profit project brings travellers to Taiwanese classrooms

With butterflies in my stomach, I followed Taiwanese teachers to their classrooms where dozens of curious yet excited faces were waiting for me. I then delivered my presentation about Vietnam and myself with unexpectedly great support and engagement of local […]

Tasty Taiwan!

Hi all! I am now back from Taiwan and so excited to share all of my plant-based finds with you. First off, let me state that being a vegan in Taiwan is incredibly EASY! Due to the primary religion being Buddhism, […]

Vegan in Taipei, Taiwan

I have been taken by surprise once again by a city that I expected to have to hunt down vegan options, when in reality, I had way too many places to visit in the week that I spent there. Taipei […]

Vegan Vlog in Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei is the city where I was born. I visit Taipei at least once a year. However, this visit is quite different…It is my first time in Taipei as a vegan. After discovering how vegan-friendly this city is, my love [...]

Vegan Dining in Taiwan

Bluesomeone’s Vegan Cafe

A delicious all vegan cafe located in Taichung, Taiwan. They accept reservations, and offer a variety of vegan food to enjoy!

MORI Vegan

MORI Vegan is serving up plant-based ice cream and other sweets in KaoHsiung, Taiwan.

Gao Mian Cold Noodle Stand

Cold noodle food stand in Taipei, Taiwan. Customers can adjust the level of heat to their liking.

Ooh Cha Cha

Simple ingredients, real foods, and whole nutrition. We bring food prepared with thought and love to support the community and the environment. NO dairy, eggs, refined sugars, refined flours.

Dream Cool

Dream Cool is a juice and smoothie stand in Taipei, with brightly colored mixed fruit drinks prepared and sold in clear plastic bottles.


Tofunia is a 100% vegan restaurant in Taipei that serves a wide variety of cuisines from pizza to burgers, risottos to quesadillas. They also serve smoothies and desserts!


Mianto in Taipei strives to offer only the best most natural non-GMO and organic ingredients that they can find. They made homemade vegan Western and Fusion cuisine, from delicious pastas to pizza topped with their very own vegan cheese. Don’t […]

Flourish Vegan

Flourish Vegan in Taipei is focused on bringing you healthy and eco-friendly vegan food. Seasonal availability of wild vegetables and grains rotates with their menu, and dishes are served with whole ingredients, abandoning the excessive cooking and processing that dominates […]

NALA’s Mexican Food

Nala’s Mexican Food delivers fast, healthy, fresh cuisine. Enjoy tacos, burritos, or bowls that can be made vegan. Also serves coffee, beer, and cocoa drinks.

Plants Eatery

Plants is an environmentally minded vegan, gluten free, and whole foods restaurant in Taipei. They provide healthy dishes with raw, nut, and soy free options clearly labeled on the menu, and encourage customers bring their own reusable to-go containers for […]

Nice Cream

Nice Cream is a vegan-friendly gelato shop in Taipei that uses fresh, local fruit, and no additional artificial colorings, aromas or emulsifiers. They serve soymilk gelato varieties, as well as sorbets.

Soul R. Vegan Café

Soul R Vegan believes in being vegan fearlessly! They use natural and organic ingredients in season to challenge and change the status quo, and promote a vegan lifestyle that can bring peace to the world.

Miss Green

MissGreen is a lifestyle that allows you to explore a touch of living “green”. “Fast slow food” is about how to make a difference in protecting the environment without sacrificing the fast pace of living within a city. They use […]

Vege Creek

Vege Creek is an all vegan healthy eating restaurant in Taipei where you can build your own ramen/soup bowls. The Yanji St shop is their original location, and Vege Creek has since expanded to 5 locations in and around Taipei.

The videos and blogs on this page were contributed by members of our vegan community who recently traveled to Asia and graciously shared their travel experiences. Follow your fellow vegan travelers as they explore Taiwan compassionately, meet local vegans and other vegan travelers, and share the amazing vegan food they find during their travels! They share the sites they visited, the places they stayed at, vegan shops they found, and the sites and activities they enjoyed during their time in Taiwan. Some also visit animal sanctuaries in the countries they travel to and kindly share the stories of the animals they meet. Join our vegan community and share your travel adventures with our global vegan community and collectively we can show the world how easy it is to be vegan and travel compassionately.

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