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Joël is a Physical Therapist, foody, sports addict, and avid traveler from the Netherlands, now living in Brazil. Even when he is not traveling he tries to stick to the adventure-mentality. While on the road he prefers to hitch-hike, to stay away from tourist hotspots and pretends to be at home where ever he is.

He believes in connection, vibration, the power of words, me-first, and loves statistics even though he is skeptical of the real value of the latter. In between sports, reading, writing he loves learning languages and aligns his thoughts by using somebody else’s attention to preferably speak as long as possible.

He blogs about lifestyle design at and is currently in the process of validating his Physical Therapy diploma in Brazil. In the meantime, he works at a consultancy start-up and shares his current and past travels here, on Vegan Travel.

Curitiba – A Hidden Pearl in the South of Brazil

It’s been a while since I first came to Curitiba, but it was probably one of the most disappointing experiences of all my travels. After having spent 5 weeks on the beautiful island of Florianopolis, of which I wrote in […]

Why and How You Should Start Hitchhiking

I set a variety of intentions before taking off to travel, very few came true. Hitchhiking is one of them though. Upon leaving Europe, I had hitchhiked no more than 1000 kilometers. However, having hitchhiked most of my travels in […]

Weekend Getaway at Ilha do Mel

Flash forward to the present, after my previous two blogs (here and here) that chronicled of my experiences upon entering Brazil. I shut the door, my head pounding lightly because of the sun. It didn’t matter I had waited for my […]

Florianopolis – Paradise on Earth

In my previous blog, I discovered the far South of Brazil. During that time my ears were often too cold, the clouds too many, and the rain too present. As a result, I quickly decided to travel up north, in […]

Discovering the South of Brazil

A little over a year ago I visited I had a look at flights to Uruguay only to realize that they would last 30 hours, and I always had to transfer in Brazil. I had quit my job recently and [...] is a place where vegans from around the world can share their passion for travel and adventure, help promote and grow interest in going vegan, shed light on the issues animals are facing around the globe, and help build a more sustainable and compassionate world. By sharing our collective experiences, we believe we can show the world how easy it is not only to travel as a vegan, but also spread a message of compassion with those we meet along the way.

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