Norway Vegan Travel Guide

Norway Vegan Travel Guide

Norway Vegan Travel Blogs

Hunting The Northern Lights In Tromsø

The Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) have fascinated me since I was a child. I have been wanting to see the green and pink waving curtains of light for many many years. In the depths of the Polar Night and -20C […]

Norway, Yes Way!

We were only in Norway for a day and a half, but I miss it already. We got off to a rocky but fun start. After a surprisingly small amount of first flight anxiety we landed in Oslo at five […]

Just the Veganning

In Oslo for a day! After eight months of being separated by the Atlantic Ocean (yet again…), my best friend and partner Ross and I received the most amazing news. We were contacted by VeganTravel and selected to be their […]

Activities in Norway

Kinsarvik fruktutsalg

We are a family business which was established in 1928, with a small fruit shop in Bergen. Today we have six stores, including four in Bergen and two in Oslo. We import goods from Denmark, Germany, England and the United […]

Norway is one of the most beautiful countries in the world with beautiful fjords jetting into its coastline, gorgeous forests, and some of the best locations on Earth to soak in the Northern Lights. Norwegians are very social and well educated. Almost everyone speaks English and most are very familiar with our vegan food requirements. If you are staying in an accommodation that serves breakfast, be sure to ask them the day before if they can prepare vegan meals for you.

The videos and blogs on this page were contributed by members of our vegan community who recently traveled to Europe and graciously shared their travel experiences. Follow your fellow vegan travelers as they explore Norway compassionately, meet local vegans and other vegan travelers, and share the amazing vegan food they find during their travels! They share the sites they visited, the places they stayed at, vegan shops they found, and the sites and activities they enjoyed during their time in Norway. Some also visit animal sanctuaries in the countries they travel to and kindly share the stories of the animals they meet. Join our vegan community and share your travel adventures with our global vegan community and collectively we can show the world how easy it is to be vegan and travel compassionately.

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