• Isabelle posted an update 5 years, 2 months ago

    I’m in the us for 5 months and was thinking of maybe visiting Portland during Easter.
    Unfortunately I don’t have anyone to travel with so I was wondering if anyone’s got any advice on things to do there, how to get around etc.

    • Portland is such a fun and vegan friendly city, you will have an amazing time there! I’m not from PDX, but when I visited with VeganTravel last June I found it really easy to get around, and used a combination of Lyft, public transportation, and a whole lot of walking to see (and taste!) all of the things I wanted to.

      @shannon wrote a great blog about the vegan food crawl we took in Portland, and it includes some of my favorite food finds in the city: https://www.vegantravel.com/vegan-food-crawl-portland/

      I stayed most nights at a hotel in Downtown on the West side of the river that wasn’t my favorite, but then spent a final night at Portland’s all-vegan B&B, The Cherokee Rose Inn. I highly recommend it (there are only two rooms, so I’d look ahead to booking soon)!

      A lot more about Portland can be found on the Oregon page, too 🙂 https://www.vegantravel.com/oregon/

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