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Valia was born in Greece and lives on the island of Crete, loves to cook traditional Greek dishes and shares some of her favorite vegan recipes here. Valia works for a responsible tourism company operating in Chaniá, Greece. Among their tours and holidays, they offer vegan and vegetarian options. More specifically they provide vegan cooking holidays in Crete, vegan cooking workshops, and visits to artisan food producers. She loves to cook and share her favorite vegan recipes. You can learn more about their vegan cooking holidays here: Hand Picked Greece

Lukumades …getting more popular by the day

I was planning to write a couple of recipes for vegan dips but as I was clicking through the pages of the blog I saw a post on Lukumades accompanied by a photograph of the store in the old part of Athens. […]

The World of Herbs: Making St. John’s Wort Oil

A sunny day in Crete today, as usual. I was foraging the garden to pick the vegetables for the day’s cooking workshop, so while looking around I suddenly realized…it is the season! The blooming season for St. John’s Wort. Our farm […]

Slow baked butter beans!

These are giant, fat, Greek butter beans ideally slowly cooked in a wood fire! You will fall in love with their nutty and mushy flavor. Giant beans, a staple in most households in Greece, are a fantastic source of both […]

What’s in Season? Beets!

It is spring in Greece and the season calls for recipes that include lots of greens and herbs. Beetroots, lettuces, spinach, spring onion and leeks, spearmint, dill and wild fennel, radishes, broccoli and lots of endemic greens. Beetroots in April […]

A Few Things on Cooking and the Recipes to Come

Since this is my first blog on Vegan Travel I thought I’d share some information about myself, about cooking and about Greece! Growing up in Greece in the 80’s I love food, I love cooking but I am not a […] is a place where vegans from around the world can share their passion for travel and adventure, help promote and grow interest in going vegan, shed light on the issues animals are facing around the globe, and help build a more sustainable and compassionate world. By sharing our collective experiences, we believe we can show the world how easy it is not only to travel as a vegan, but also spread a message of compassion with those we meet along the way.

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