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Do you know how challenging WP website maintenance is in the long run? Not only would one have to constantly monitor all the threats that are lurking, but also work on timely core, theme, and plugin updates, all the while making the necessary changes once the need arises. Doesn’t that sound like too much work for a person that’s running a business at the same time? It sounds like a challenge because it really is – but not for our WP Full Care team! With top-notch and experienced developers on board, we have all the tools, knowledge, and equipment for helping your website reach new heights. Not only do you get hours of personalized WordPress support and maintenance, but you also get a team with your best interest in mind! When it comes to our WP website maintenance services, you can choose one of the three packages we offer that are priced at $74, $136, and $199 respectively. It goes without saying that even the basic package will give your website the support it needs, but the premium package will give it that extra kick. Allow our WP Full Care team to take the best care of your website money can buy – you just focus on your business endeavors. Give us a call and you’ll soon find out why we’ll become indispensable for the future of your business!