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Christina and Keith live in California, run a popular vegan travel blog. and have traveled extensively throughout the U.S. and Europe. Christina is a vegan blogger/YouTuber who goes on adventures and loves to document it all. Before traveling, she had a misconception that it would be difficult for her to find vegan food. Be sure to also check out CITYLOVEEE, another place where Christina documents her findings.

Christina & Keith’s Vegan Travel Blogs


Recently Keith and I partnered with VeganTravel to go on road trip from Orange County, California to Portland, Oregon to attend Eat Drink Vegan! We documented the whole experience through vlogs, but here is more concrete guide on where we […]

Packing for Portland’s Vegan Beer & Food Fest

Hey everyone! I am so excited to post my first vlog on Perfect timing to be sharing Keith (@travegetables) & I’s adventures from Orange County, California to Portland, Oregon as helped sponsor our travels. It was so exciting […] is a place where vegans from around the world can share their passion for travel and adventure, help promote and grow interest in going vegan, shed light on the issues animals are facing around the globe, and help build a more sustainable and compassionate world. By sharing our collective experiences, we believe we can show the world how easy it is not only to travel as a vegan, but also spread a message of compassion with those we meet along the way.

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