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Aloha! I am Elena – also known as the girl with the flower in her hair 🙂 I am a Berlin-based writer, actress and vegan guide. Veganism for me isn’t just a diet – it’s a way of life! I love food – and I love traveling… with my project #VeganVentures I combine both, organizing vegan events along the way to connect the global vegan community because together we have the power to make this a more peaceful and compassionate world.

A trip to Hawaii in 2013 changed my life for good and also marks the beginning of my own vegan journey… German by passport and Hawaiian at heart I try to combine the best of these worlds and bridge cultures and continents while sharing plant-based yummy food.

Although a part of me is always in Hawaii, me and my partner have traveled Europe extensively over the past 2,5 years, spreading veganism one stop at a time. On each trip we focus on exploring and supporting the local vegan community as well as venturing out into non-vegan territory to spread the vegan message and awareness for the cause!

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