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Sherpa Expedition and Trekking [P] Ltd 

The pioneers of Himalaya…

Established on January 07, 1977, with a motto: ‘Enhancing Tourism possibilities across the Globe’. Sherpa Expeditions and Trekking is proud to be recognized as the fifth Trekking and Adventure company authorized by the Tourism Board of Nepal. Since its establishment, it has successfully been offering its world-class service to travelers around the globe We have strong dedication and commitment to make every holiday memorable for the rest of your life. We basically focus on safety and luxury, which has categorized us as a distinctive trekking and adventure organizer in Nepal. We have the experience of more than 40 years in tourism.

Our experienced and equipped team is always prompt and enthusiastic and ready to offer the best service to our guests. Their passion to organize and operate the trip is unique and earns us the praise of our clients with many returning years after year to climb new mountains. We are enthusiastic and ethical in our dealings with clients and always looking for something unique and seeking hidden mysteries on our mountain treks.We honor our team, environment, culture and simultaneously promote sustainable tourism. Because of the quality and reliable service, we offer, we have above 80 % of repeat clients. We treat them as family members, with many becoming overseas business partners. We offer the thrills of adventure and pleasure during the trip. Sherpa Expeditions and Trekking has maintained its goodwill in the international arena and at home in Nepal.Tourists across the globe can rely and trust on Sherpa Expeditions and Trekking for a pleasant, adventurous, luxurious, economical and a memorable holiday in Nepal. We are committed to providing world-class service while protecting natural and cultural heritage. Ethical business practices are integral to our success.

Getting to know us the way we are…

Ours is a story that stretches more than four decades. We came around on 7th Januray, in the year 1977. It hasn’t been simple. We had basic beginnings while functioning as a guide climbing the length and expansiveness of the mountains; in transit we additionally found our excellent nation Nepal isn’t just about mountains. Our history, culture and legacy locales said a lot that intrigued a curious world, pulling in explorers in swarms to Nepal. Experience additionally encouraged us to comprehend we live in the better of two universes, the world we’re acquainted with, and the world we’re most certainly not.

At the point when you book an excursion with Sherpa Expedition and Trekking, you’ve presumably crossed three landmasses to find a good pace; in case you’re a newbie, you’d find a world you’ve never known, and a world you will no doubt always remember. Sherpa Expedition and Trekking is about the incomparable Himalayan wild. We will acquaint you with interesting mountain societies, situations, old legacy urban areas, horizon mountain ranges and unprecedented wildernesses as you find an extraordinary piece of the planet we as a whole live on.

Sherpa Expedition and Trekking is a finished Nepali possessed experience administrator based midway in Nepal’s popular vacationer center point referred to the world over as ‘Thamel’. We are a little group, a center gathering of committed experts who have mixed in well with the erratic caprices of nature; we are topographically a seismically dynamic nation and sit on an insecure structural plate that makes us inclined to quakes. In any case, we are prepared and equipped to respond with any unusual conditions that may happen while accompanying our visitors on the path all through the Himalayas. We are an authorized outfit and perceived by the Department of Tourism – Government of Nepal.